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move55 03-22-21 04:17 AM

a quick tubular tire ?
Hi, Guys.
I'm looking for inexpensive tubular tires to try. My rims have an outer width being 21 mm (old ARAYA rims). Available tires have 21 mm and 23 mm width. Which one should I get? This is for casual, recreational ride. Any input appreciated.

JohnDThompson 03-22-21 06:21 AM

Rim width doesn't matter too much. Either width will work. I'd go with the 23mm tire for potentially better ride quality.

Phil_gretz 03-22-21 06:27 AM

These are the most economical starter tubulars:

tubular tire sewup tire Servizio Corse $19.95 tubular tires at Yellow Jersey; possibly the Best Value Tubular In America for 2020!

Connoisseurs turn up their noses at these, though. They will work well enough to get you started.

topflightpro 03-22-21 06:41 AM

Continental Sprinters are great tubular tires.

ofajen 03-22-21 06:54 AM

Probably a (roughly) 300 gram training tire like a Continental Giro or Vittoria Rally would be a good start. Iíd pick the 23s if thatís an option.


move55 03-22-21 12:53 PM

I'll look into tires you mentioned. $19.95/tire is very affordable. will go for 23 mm tires (hope better puncture resistance, too). thanks much for your tip.

Homebrew01 03-22-21 08:29 PM

I wouldn't bother riding low end tubulars. Get nice ones, and appreciate the ride quality. Otherwise, ride clinchers.

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