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Gunfunk 03-29-21 01:02 PM

Compatible Child Seat 2021 Giant Roam
Does anyone here have a Giant Roam and use a child seat? If so - could you please provide details?

I am afraid I may have trouble with frame attached child seats because of the D-Fuse seat tube (do any work - like the Thule RideAlong?).

Has anyone had success with a rack mounted child seat?


freeranger 03-30-21 07:47 AM

You might have better luck posting this in Recreational and Family. I don't have any experience with child seats, but bet someone there has.

Gunfunk 03-30-21 07:50 AM

Thanks done

veganbikes 03-31-21 12:04 PM

Thule Yepp Rack and Yepp Seat.

Gunfunk 04-02-21 08:29 PM

Originally Posted by veganbikes (Post 21993996)
Thule Yepp Rack and Yepp Seat.

can you post a picture of what this looks like? I take it you need the rack due to the “D-Fuse”?

veganbikes 04-03-21 05:34 PM

Here is the site for the rack and you can find the seat easily from that:

You should hopefully have rack mounts so that is why you would use a rack mounted seat. It should be a bit stronger and give you more usefulness overtime

D-Fuse is a terrible idea but hopefully Giant doesn't ever change it or at the very least still produces seatposts long into the future in case someone has an issue with theirs. Proprietary seatposts on pretty much anything but some ridiculous aero bike is just beyond silly.

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