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Cycling Your Primary or Secondary Activity?

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Cycling Your Primary or Secondary Activity?

Old 04-05-21, 08:55 PM
Sniveling Weasel
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Cycling Your Primary or Secondary Activity?

What are your primary, secondary and tertiary outdoor activities?

For me:

1. Definitely Cycling for fitness and cardio
2. Hiking is something that revitalizes my soul
3. Downhill skiing for the beauty of the mountains and the speed and challenge

Is cycling #1?
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Old 04-05-21, 09:00 PM
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Old 04-05-21, 10:11 PM
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Cycling in my teens. Rugby in my 20s and 30s. Cycling has been taking back over from my mid-30s and now into my 40s.

Running has been mixed in there, more as an incidental to the other 2.
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Old 04-05-21, 10:17 PM
Russ Roth
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Struggling to keep cycling second and thesis writing first, spring isn't helping.

Really like
1. Cycling
2. Mt climbing
3. long hikes
4. windy country drives
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Old 04-05-21, 10:28 PM
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Soccer and running tied for a distant third.
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Old 04-05-21, 10:41 PM
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Cycling probably number 1, but ice skating and sailboat racing a close second. I probably ice skated over 80 days this winter. Some special days I skated and cycled the same day.
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Old 04-06-21, 04:35 AM
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Road riding
gravel/trail riding
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Old 04-06-21, 04:43 AM
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1 Cycling 2 Motorcycling 3 Boating
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Old 04-06-21, 05:43 AM
Reflector Guy
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I'd say biking is my #1 exercise activity, since I don't run, hike, lift weights, etc, etc.... But I have many other outdoor interests to compete for my free time too.
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Old 04-06-21, 07:37 AM
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depends on the season, weather, goals. could be cycling, building stuff, cooking, etc
or it could all just be cycling!
-Oh Hey!
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Old 04-06-21, 07:44 AM
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AAA kind of person fitness wise. Anything, any time, any place. I'll give it a try at least once.
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Old 04-06-21, 08:18 AM
Fredly Fredster
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Cycling- primary
Bass guitar (music)

Unfortunately... I can only ski 3 months out of the year where I live.
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Old 04-06-21, 08:18 AM
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1. Cycling
2. Walking
3. Drinking al fresco at my local
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Old 04-06-21, 08:39 AM
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Cycling by far my number one outdoor activity. Pretty much any indoor exercise bores me. I used to swim a mile almost everday, but, with shoulder issues and lack of an affordable pool access, I no longer do that. I live 6 miles from the beach, Bethany Beach DE, but I no longer swim/body surf due to chronic back problems. Also, I cannot stand the crowds in the summer.
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Old 04-06-21, 08:47 AM
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1) Sailing
2) Swimming
3) Walking

I can’t pretend to be a serious cyclist, just getting back into the saddle as I am, but I think eventually it’ll move up to #2!
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Old 04-06-21, 09:06 AM
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Primary for me.
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Old 04-06-21, 09:08 AM
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Age and injuries now limit me to #1 road cycling and #2 hiking. Basketball, weight training and trail running were once in the mix but I have significant shoulder, hip and knee issues that make those activities too painful. Hope to add gravel riding soon.
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Old 04-06-21, 10:02 AM
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Just turned 50, still in the military for another 4 years. I bought a bike to help me get through the PT tests due to a progressively bad ankle. Now I'm really enjoying biking, and this forum has helped a lot.

1. Travel (Crusty bread and cheeses)
2. Biking (Stop for something tasty and a draft)
3. Reading (Good coffee in hand)

Oh, I'm also a foodie!

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Old 04-06-21, 10:44 AM
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Now that I am retired, cycling is my primary activity. Especially since travel and eating in restaurants is out. And, I have made the executive decision to outsource most yard work.
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Old 04-07-21, 02:47 PM
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1. Running
2. Cycling
3. Cars
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Old 04-07-21, 03:14 PM
Eric F
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Outdoor activities...
1. Cycling
2. Cycling
3. Softball dad...which has evolved into spending a fair bit of money on video equipment for livestreaming and recording my daughter's softball games.

I've been a musician (bass, and almost-mediocre guitar), and garage recording hack, but haven't really touched any of it in a while.
I spent 4 years coaching daughter's softball teams until it was better for both of us that I was outside the fence (see #3 above).
I enjoy cooking...and eating...and drinking.
My daughter and I are both enjoying our joint purchase of a table saw.
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Old 04-07-21, 03:15 PM
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Competitive shooting
Sitting on the Lanai smoking a cigar

Cycling is number one by far, year round. The others shift position.

It’s good to be retired.
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Old 04-08-21, 06:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Moe Zhoost View Post
Ever since I was 3 years old, my favorite outdoor activity is digging in dirt. Yes I cycle, sail, row, hike, garden, star gaze, bird watch, paint, and a bunch of other things, but nothing compares with the feel of a shovel slicing through soft clay or the subtle odors that delight the primal senses. Yep, I dig dirt!

what ever gets your rocks off.
-Oh Hey!
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