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avaizhashmi 04-16-21 11:28 AM

A stem-mounted shifter for Shimano Atlas
I have a Fuji Helion R. Its got a 8 speed shifter but I want to find a stem or top tube mounted shifter (classic style). What do I need to know before I order the new shifter? The existing shifter is the ugliest thing on my bike right now.

dedhed 04-16-21 12:01 PM

Altus? not Atlas?

I don't know that Shimano made an indexed stem shifter beyond 6 or 7 speed.

Your other option is to find a mount that will fit whatever shifters you need as well as your top tube diameter and pick up some 8 speed downtube shifters.


Charliekeet 04-16-21 12:15 PM

Wait, what does it have now, an integrated shifter/brake, correct? Shimano STI "brifter"?
That's what I see in images, anyway. What's the issue with the appearance of the current shifter?

avaizhashmi 04-16-21 08:17 PM

Atlas... at the moment. No issue with existing. I hate the look of it. It does not match the aesthetics of the bike. Will post a few pictures tomorrow.

dedhed 04-16-21 08:31 PM

Shimano doesn't make a product called "Atlas".
Fuji shows Altus shifters and RD.


avaizhashmi 04-19-21 08:56 AM

Ok ok my dyslexia... Altus!

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