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Redman87 04-16-21 01:05 PM

Bike ID or info Giordana
Impulse buy, no identification on it. It is super light but i dont know if it is authentic

Reflector Guy 04-16-21 01:15 PM

Hmmmm, interesting. I clicked on the thread assuming you meant to type "Giordano", one of the bike brands available on Amazon. But no, it clearly is spelled with an "A".

thumpism 04-16-21 04:59 PM

Giordana (with an A) has been around for a while as a clothing manufacturer and there are also frames. I'm sure someone will chime in with details.

gkamieneski 04-16-21 08:46 PM

Last I knew Gita Imports was bringing in Giordana’s. Not sure if they are still operating.

dedhed 04-16-21 08:52 PM




Redman87 04-16-21 11:06 PM

I have read through those, well mostly through them. It seems i cant match up my color and badges to anything noted. I plan on stripping all the paint off soon. Maybe I'll find some identification.

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