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Chef1978 05-04-21 05:53 PM

Help needed to choose!
Hello everyone, I need your opinion.i have.2 different bikes to choose from

Nr1 - univega activa action-75 $- hybrid
Nr2- Mikado road bike-145$
yes they are different bikes purpose wise,what I want from my bike is to ride 1-2 hours a day as excercise and have fun.whats your vote and why?

Troul 05-04-21 06:38 PM

Nr2 with good tires

Bigbus 05-04-21 06:51 PM

I have a soft spot for the Univega so that would be my choice.

ropetwitch 05-05-21 09:47 PM

I prefer classy bikes-Univega. Also, the quality, frame construction, and component choices are excellent.

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