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Kapusta 05-07-21 11:33 AM

Anyone try Time Atac Easy 10 Degree Cleats?
After 20 years on Frogs, they have been discontinued, and thus I am trying out a set of Time Atac pedals (I've got the XC6).

I mostly like them, but I do wish the release came with a little less rotation (I have them on the 13 degree configuration). These are still way more motion to get out of than the Frogs.

I was considering trying out the "Easy 10" cleats. Anyone try them that can compare them to the standard 13/17 cleats?

The Times have a certain amount (degrees) of free float, then a zone of increasing tension before releasing. Do the Easy 10 cleats decrease the amount of free float or do they decrease the amount of the zone were the tension is increasing before release? I am guessing the latter, but figured I would ask.

Also, I like the fact that even with the spring tension set low, you can't pull up out of the pedals. Are the Easy 10s the same way?


jaxgtr 05-07-21 06:09 PM

yep, love them. I am primarily a road rider, but I use ATAC pedals on my bikes and have used the Easy 10 cleats for years. If you can find them now, I would recommend them. Otherwise the 13\17's are great as well.

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