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spelger 05-30-21 05:11 PM

Nice ride today
Beautiful day here in sunny Reno nv. I usually have a pt of chocolate milk when I get back but opted instead for a pint of home brew stout.

kahn 05-30-21 11:39 PM

That is DARK. Is it thick and chocolatey?

257 roberts 05-31-21 10:25 AM
there was a time when I would have finished my ride with a dark ale but now it's smoothies lol

rumrunn6 06-03-21 11:55 AM

I don't often drink beer, but when I do, after a bike ride, it seems like the perfect time :thumb:

Maelochs 06-03-21 03:45 PM

No wonder everything seemed wonderful, after a glassful of that stuff.

Lots of cyclists like the microbreweries, but homebrew--that's a new level.

kahn 06-03-21 08:12 PM

I guess I just have to make do with the scenery

GiantGoldenMole 06-13-21 08:08 AM

Congrats on the cycling adventure and the home brew Beer!

BikingViking793 06-13-21 08:46 AM

Flavored green tea for me.

Iride01 06-13-21 08:51 AM

How timely. I've been thinking of making a dark stout or porter one of my next batches of homebrew. I've only brewed various types of ale to this date.

spelger 06-13-21 03:27 PM

Originally Posted by Iride01 (Post 22100008)
How timely. I've been thinking of making a dark stout or porter one of my next batches of homebrew. I've only brewed various types of ale to this date.

if interested...

they deliver. i don't do all grain. it is enough to do a pound or two of grain, it is a bit of a mess.

today i am having this:

a cloudy strong IPA that is quite bitter. it has been a long time since i had a bitter. took 1/2 a pint to get used to it again, but wow i am really liking it.

Iride01 06-13-21 03:54 PM

@spelger Thanks for the link. We don't have any LHBS's near by or anywhere in the state that I'm aware of. So BrewChatter will go in my list of online vendors.

MS was a little late modifying laws and regulations to allow micro breweries to exist in the state. But we do now have some great local micro breweries that I drink product from regularly and have even gotten into brewing my own during COVID after wanting to since 16 or 17 yo. LHBS's I guess are just a little too hard to start up due to the states previous attitudes that probably still has micro breweries and home brewers in low numbers.

I'm only a 1 gallon brewer so all grain to partial all grain works for me. I could divide that up though if I can't find a similar 1 gallon kit.

As for the IPA, I like all kinds from hoppy to ridiculously hoppy. I'll have to look at that too.

My best brew so far has been a BrewDog Elvis Juice clone from Brooklyn Brew Shop. I let it sit in the primary for almost six week to clean up. I made a few minor changes to the recipe too.

It didn't disappoint, it came out very clean without fining or cold crashing. Just amazingly clear and clean and sparkling in the glass. Even in the brown glass bottle I could tell it was special before I opened the first one.

Oh, and just to stay on the subject of bicycles for the BF forum we are in.... don't ride bicycles and drink, especially the BrewDog Elvis Juice, mine worked out to 7.2 ABV.

spelger 06-13-21 06:13 PM

i like the citrus aroma in my brew so the elvis juice sounds good, but a 1 gallon batch is not worth the hassle to me, i only do 5 gal batches. a batch that size lasts pretty long for me becasue i only hav eone on friday, saturady and sunday. even so good home brew never gets old, love every drop. lately i've been trading with someone at church, i got some really good bratwursts that were not too spicy so the kids could have them and some really nice tamales. now i get to brew more often so try more receipes.

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