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Rainbow83 05-31-21 07:50 PM

Looking for Tire Suggestions
Hello folks,

The current tires on one of my bikes aren't looking too good these days (some pretty major cracking) and I'm in need of replacements. I'm looking for a tire in size 26" x ~1.5" and I'd like to get something with a somewhat knobby tread that has a smooth part in the middle. I'd also like it to be a tanwall if possible. I've done a good bit of searching online, and it seems like the only tires one can buy new that fit these criteria are Panaracer Paselas, but those are maybe a bit smoother than I'd like. Does anyone know of any tires that might fit the bill and are relatively inexpensive and where I might be able to buy them? Thanks for any help.

BobsPoprad 06-02-21 12:04 PM

Hmmm. Surprised nobody has replied.
Perhaps give a bit more info, like intended purpose, etc.

You do say 26, which does give you lots of options. Color, not so sure about.

Rainbow83 06-02-21 04:42 PM

As far as intended use goes, I'd like to put these on my dropbar converted Univega mountain bike. It's nothing special, just kinda a cheap gravel bike type thing to have fun on. I'd like a decently grippy tire for offroad use on hiking paths and sandy soil, not just dirt roads, and pavement, which is why I'm hesitant to go with the Paselas, but I'd also like something that isn't a fat mountain bike tire that would be overkill most of the time and wouldn't be great for long distances on pavement.

Maybe I'll just have to suck it up and go for blackwalls.

Iride01 06-02-21 04:59 PM

I always say you should buy your tire for the conditions you ride the most. So if that is pavement, then slick to virtually no tread.

If you aren't in deep loose sand or mud or soft earth, then knobs are not going to do much for you otherwise. At least not enough to be more benefit on the few times you ride off road, compared to the disadvantage of energy they'll cost you on pavement..... I'd think. But I don't ride anything but pavement. So I'll admit I could be all wrong.

gringomojado 06-02-21 05:45 PM

Check out Kenda


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