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MAK 07-20-05 10:38 PM

Not clips...not clipless...but???
I seem to remember a while back someone mentioning a typle of pedal apparatus that provides some attachment to the pedal but was not as restrictive as a clip or clipless. It allowed you to use non-dedicated shoes and was a good transition on the way to clipless. Does anyone know what these are called and does anyone have an opinion based on experience?

roadfix 07-20-05 10:40 PM

Talking about powergrips? Never used them so I can't comment but heard from several users that they were effective.

Bikewer 07-21-05 01:35 AM

A couple of our police bikes came set up with what looks like a toe-clip without the straps. You just wedge the front of your shoe in there. No real pedaling assistance, but it does keep your foot in place fairly well.

samp02 07-21-05 05:10 AM


bnet1 07-21-05 06:03 AM

Powergrips. use them on my recumbent. You can ride with almost any shoe, the stiffer the sole the better. Hiking shoes work good, especially if the tread isn't too agressive. (big lugs can "hang" on the pedals).

MAK 07-21-05 04:23 PM

Thank you for your responses. Power grips are what I was looking for.

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