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masonv45 08-08-21 05:32 PM

Old Diamondback Caraca
I think I'm missing a spacer between the handlebar and stem. Anyone have any insight they'd like to share?

krakhaus 08-08-21 07:15 PM

Looks like a 25.2 bar in a 26 or larger stem. You could shim it, but I'd just buy either a new bar or new stem.

thumpism 08-09-21 06:23 AM

I'd guess someone used a 7/8" BMX bar for a four-bolt stem in the stock 25.4 clamp stem on your bike. Shim stock (fairly cheap and easy) or a different handlebar (less cheap and less easy).

DorkDisk 08-09-21 06:32 AM

No bulge in the middle means 22.2 bar. The stem could be either 25.4 (more probable) or 26.0

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