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RonH 07-21-05 09:07 AM

Cover of New Yorker magazine
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I don't read this "high brow" magazine but a friend of mine sent an email asking what's up with the cover. I couldn't find a larger image on the magazines website, but if any of you read this magazine, can you explain what the lone cyclist has on his back and why he's riding toward the peloton? Thanks.

DCCommuter 07-21-05 09:23 AM

It's a bike courier chasing the peleton in the TDF.

bobo35 07-21-05 09:24 AM

Ity's an Aero sled...esp. made for mountain bikers who like to go fast on the road.

Sorry couldn't resist it's my birthday. TG

eubi 07-21-05 09:56 AM

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I looked at this from different angles to find the hidden picture. The perspective is a bit wacky too.

The background (mountains?) vaugely reminds me of the flat face in "The Persistance of Memory" by Salvador Dali.

I hope I can find a copy of this magazine. I collect bike memorabilia and this would be a nice addition.

recursive 07-21-05 10:41 AM

It's a bag of supplies and tools to maintain his custom left-side drivetrain.

tulip 07-21-05 12:58 PM


Originally Posted by recursive
It's a bag of supplies and tools to maintain his custom left-side drivetrain.

It's a bike messenger riding against traffic on the wrong side of a closed road. However, we know it's not really a bike messenger because he's wearing a helmet, he has no tatoos, he's not riding a fixie, and he's not wearing headphones.

roadfix 07-21-05 02:41 PM

Here ya go...

slowpedal53 07-21-05 03:31 PM

I looked at the cover in person. It's a messenger, whistle in his mouth, carrying a messenger bag and a tube for layouts or blueprints.

cc_rider 07-21-05 05:46 PM

Darth Vader is his co-pilot :D

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