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Bikes-N-Drums 07-29-02 06:33 AM

Cycling Logs
I got a computer for my bike around the middle of June. I made a spreadsheet in Excel and have meticulously logged all of the information from my computer since then. My roommate saw me logging this in and asked me, "so what does all this tell you?".
Apart from tallying up my totals and averages and making line charts - what is this data telling me? If I can, I'd like to learn how to better utilize the data, that is, taking it beyond just totals and averages if possible. For those of you who log your rides from your bike computer, how do you use your data to help you?

Richard Cranium 07-29-02 08:11 AM

You're a number freak! You probably want to see higher mileages and speeds and totals. The speadsheet works the same way a cycle computer works. It's biofeedback. (usually a motivator)

The one thing, I would advise to have a big "comment" column in your sheets, use the column to record, the conditions and feelings during a given days rides.

I use the comments column to remind me if there was wind or heat or other problems like flat tires.

If you're an old fart like me you can go look at logs from ten years ago and see how patheticly you compare now.

Feel better??

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