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Siu Blue Wind 07-21-05 11:53 PM

Anybody here from this area? Where abouts in CoCo County are you from? What type of bike and where do you ride? :)

gpelpel 07-22-05 12:27 AM

I am in Lafayette.
These are my most usual rides:
1) Lafayette to Danville and back. (18 miles)
2) Lafayette, St. Mary's Rd, Rheem, Moraga Blvd, Moraga Way, Glorietta, Rheem, and back to Lafayette via Moraga Rd. (16 hilly miles)
3) The Bears and Alhambra Valley. (24 miles)
4) The climb from Moraga to Grizzly Peak. (18 hiily miles).
My goal: Climbing Mt. Diablo.

Siu Blue Wind 07-22-05 02:04 AM

I usually take off from Heather Farms and take Iron Horse Trail or just follow the canal. I don't do the hill rides quite yet. Too too hot to do anything that is going to take the enjoyment out of the trip. You must be in pretty good shape to handle the hilly areas like that. Where abouts is "The Bears"?

Siu Blue Wind 07-22-05 11:12 PM

Awwww, come on! There's got to be more people from Contra Costa, aren't there?

gpelpel 07-25-05 11:25 PM

The Bears are on the northern side of Orinda and Lafayette. They are on Bear Creek Road where the main entrance to Briones Park is. Bear Creek Rd. starts at San Pablo Dam Road on the northern end of Orinda and ends at Alhambra Valley Road. It has 3 hills: Papa Bear, Little Bear, and Mama Bear.

UmneyDurak 07-25-05 11:49 PM

Those hills are fun. Never could rememeber which hill is which thought, lol.

gpelpel 08-01-05 10:37 PM

Papa Bear is the southernmost, Mama the northern one. Little Bear is in between.

liasoul 01-30-06 12:11 AM

Road bike - live in San Ramon
Ride to Danville(San Ramon Valley Blvd or black hawk - Diablo Rd), Walnut Creek, Concord, Dublin(Bollinger - San Ramon Valley Blvd)
Iron horse
Just did Orinda/3 bears with my fiance~ you gotta try~ ^^

not yet tried but I heard Mt. Diablo is nice.

raverson 01-30-06 12:39 AM

Checking in from Pittsburg, eastern co co county. Commute the Ironhorse and Canal trails from the De Anza trail to Walnut Creek usually one way and hop on Bart the other way. Take a look at Black Diamond Mines in Antioch sometime. Nice road ride up to the park and then the dirt begins.

Siu Blue Wind 01-30-06 07:04 PM

Hey Raverson, what kind of riding do you do? Are the paths in Antioch paved?

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