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shelmarcel 07-22-05 11:44 AM

Brooks saddle: Team Pro or Swift

Here is an eternal question; hoping someone has experience with both saddles. I have a Kona Pahoehoe MTB, which I use predominantly for paved trail/commuting/some single track/gravel around the city in which I live (Edmonton). I also like to hit a bit of technical track from time to time, including jumps and drops.

I am 6ft, 165lbs, 33" waist, and my handlebars are 2-3" below my seat position. I ride about 120 miles per week, in 20-30 mile increments. My upper legs are probably a bit `larger' than is typical for most riders, due to other sporting activities that I am involved in.

Which Brooks saddle would you think I should purchase, the Pro or the Swift? Believe me, I have read ALL of the other reviews, etc, but was hoping that someone out there has tried both saddles, and has a first-hand opinion and is able to persuade me one way or the other....! Thanks!

roadfix 07-22-05 12:58 PM

I have both and they both work for me equally, although I have the Pro on one of my rigid Mtbs and the Swift on a road fixie. I also ride on a sprung Conquest on another rigid mtb. The Conquest is essentially a Pro with springs. If you're currently doing fine on narrow saddles, either should work. They're both meant for lower bar positions. The Swift is a tad narrow, lighter, sleeker looking, and expensive.....I know don't how you feel about gouging an expensive saddle riding a Mtb should you take a spill on the trail.

randya 07-22-05 01:03 PM

The professional saddles are harder than *****. I tried one on a hybrid and finally gave up on breaking it in. IMO, they really only work for a road or racing bike where you're putting more of your weight on your hands and feet and less of your weight on your butt. I now use the Champion Flyer S exclusively (three of 'em) and my wife rides B66S and B67S saddles.

onbike 1939 07-23-05 02:15 PM

Ranya's right in saying that the Pro is harder than the usual B17. It uses a thicker butt of leather (although in the past they varied in thickness, I bought two and one was twice as thick as the other) and so this may present problems for the lighter rider when it comes to breaking-in. Since the new outfit took over at Brooks I've noticed the thickness of the butts used has become more consistent. Some people prefer the swift in that they find it's cutaway design prevents rubbing on the inside of the thighs. I doubt there is any difference in comfort as there are many factors involved in this.

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