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jessefive 07-22-05 12:49 PM

Cleaning gloves
I'm not sure where to post this. But I found this here, so maybe...

I have a pair of white leather riding gloves that are getting increasingly filthy. How should I go about cleaning them?? I found that old thread above talking about Mr Clean Erasers, what the heck are they?

Should I use soap and water? Washing maching and low heat dryer? Help?

bobo35 07-22-05 02:20 PM

I wouldn't usewater on them. S+W will shrink the gloves when they dry. use one of the waterless cleaners or leather specific cleaner.

leisui487g 07-23-05 01:59 AM

leather shoe cleaner maybe?

fsor 07-23-05 03:14 PM

I have been handwashing both swede and normal leather gloves with shampoo and cold water. I just air dry, no artificial heat. That has worked for me but mine are dark colors...I don't know if the white leather will work as well. Good luck!

PinkFloyd 07-23-05 04:25 PM

The gloves of mine that end up getting the most nasty are my summer-weight fingerless ones that have leather on the palms. Every ride this time of year in Texas makes them very sweaty.

I just throw them in the wash with my other bike clothes then set them out to air-dry. I've noticed no problems at all after several washings. :D

cyclezen 07-23-05 06:53 PM

letz see, currently I have a pr of Trek , Specialized (gel i think), Fox and a cheapy pr of Saranac Gel bought at Big5 (CA lowlevel sporting goods store).
All have been through the wash (machine - delicate cycle with the rest of the cycle kit) at least 5 - 6 times. All come outta the wash in great shape, clean and not 'stiff'. All have leather palms and bodies.
I wouldn;t have done that some decades back, but the stuff they use now seems to standup well to machine wash and drying.
Only thing special I do is close the velcro clasp and 'pin' them with a safety pin soz they stay closed and the velcro doesn't 'rash' any of the shorts or jerseys.
After a few washes I will treat the leather with a quick, light application of Lexol to keep it well conditioned. A good quality hand lotion will also do that.
This may work for you, and again, it may not
you makes your choices and takes your chances.

Marylandnewbie 07-24-05 08:04 PM

You might try one of the enzyme cleaners that pet stores sell. They are usually safe on most materials and will take care of any odors and things in the gloves. Then I would suggest washingin Woolite or something similar and air drying. I find when I wash my gloves air drying leaves them somewhat less stiff than machine drying.

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