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vlad 07-29-02 03:37 PM

London has bicycle ambulances

Maelstrom 07-29-02 03:40 PM

All I have to say is Bravo. That is a great idea. I think a lot of public service could be done with a bike. Polica work is a great example. I live in a highly congested town in the summer months and putting police and medical workers on a bike would be a huge asset. Thank you for the article.

Rotifer 07-29-02 06:05 PM


In trials carried out in the capital two years ago, the bicycle ambulances reached their destination before their four-wheeled counterparts in 88 percent of cases, prompting their introduction on London's streets.
That is an impressive stat. :thumbup:

JaredMcDonley 07-29-02 11:05 PM

I must say that this is a good idea. They should do that in other places. Man what a job that would be!!!! would love to have that job!


Brains 07-30-02 07:05 AM


Originally posted by Rotifer

That is an impressive stat. :thumbup:

Every year, for the last 100+ years a national newspaper has run a race/test.

Reporters are sent out to specific points on the edge of the city and 'race' to the newspaper office.

Each reporter is in/on a different method of transport, some walk, some drive, (cars, motorbikes) some ride (trains, tubes, taxis, busses, bikes, horses, boats)

For many years now the cyclists have won.

The average speed of a car in London today is 11mph, In 1900 the average speed of horse drawn cart was 11mph.

So it takes the same time to cross London today as it did 100 years ago, nothing has got faster (expect possibly the cyclists).

Juha 07-30-02 07:20 AM

IowaParamedic should read this thread...


Rotifer 07-30-02 09:38 AM

It wouldn't work everywhere. Few places in the U.S., I would guess.

A F Baker 07-30-02 09:57 AM

I live in a medium sized Central Kentucky town, and not only do we have paramedics who ride bicycles, we also have bicycle cops.
The bicycle cops ride about 30 miles a day in their patrol. The bicycle paramedics ride only on special occasions like parades, annual town festivals, etc.

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