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npipe 10-22-21 01:12 PM

Question about interesting 2006 CAAD from ebay
Hi all,

First off, it's my first post. so.. thanks for having me.

I just bought a bike on ebay. The ad said it was a 2006 CAAD6. I checked out the vintage Cdale catalogs and determined it was more likely a 2005 CAAD8, according to the paint scheme. It turned up and I was surprised to find it labeled a CAAD5 on the downtube. The serial number confirms it was made in 2006. None of this really bothers me too much, since it rides nicely and fits well, but I am kind of curious how all of this came to be. It seems like I have a 2006 CAAD5 painted like a 2005 CAAD8. Does anyone have some thoughts? I'm assuming it was built up from the frame, since it isn't labeled R1000 or anything on the top tube, and it came with some non-stock components like wheels/fork. Plus it's a 66cm frame. I'd post some photos but I guess I can't until I have more posts to my name.

Charliekeet 10-23-21 08:00 AM

Idk. Maybe since it was such a big size, it wasn’t done strictly according to the typical model/livery combo for that season?

shelbyfv 10-24-21 07:31 AM

Maybe a warranty replacement frame, could be used with any component level.

Ironfish653 10-24-21 10:32 PM

Could be a replacement or shop-built bike; they sold a lot of CAAD-3s and -4s as bare frames, lots of non-stock components could point that way, but it is a 15-year-old high-performance bike; things may have been changed since it was first built.
CAAD-5 was where they dropped the R-### moniker and CAAD became a model series unto itself, leading up to the current CAAD-13. Following the practice of the time, just like the R- bikes, Cannondale used the same frame for several models, with the difference being the component build kit.
Also, being an XXL frame, it's possible it was welded and painted in the 05 production run, and not built out until the 06' SN#s, being that it's a lower demand item than, say a 56cm

jrg1244 10-25-21 12:49 PM

I have a similar 66cm CAAD 5, with a 2009 build date. I think the 66cm frames are completely different animals, being that they were available as a frameset only. I think they welded them up and let them sit in inventory for years until they were sold when they would paint and serial number them. Mine doesn't have any CAAD decals, whatsoever, just the Cannondale and Handmade in USA decals. The only way to tell what it is was to compare the unique rear dropout shape of the CAAD 5 bikes in the catalog. In any event, the frame is sweet and it's my go-to bike. Very fast, and tons of fun. It's also the first frame that's actually fit me, so I don't care what CAAD version it is! It's a keeper.

npipe 10-25-21 04:33 PM

Interesting! That makes a lot of sense. I agree, it's a great bike.

jrg1244 10-26-21 07:16 AM

Originally Posted by npipe (Post 22283310)
Interesting! That makes a lot of sense. I agree, it's a great bike.

npipe - I didn't realize how much I enjoyed riding it until I put a really nice wheelset on it. I had some Mavic Aksium wheels that I had on the bike originally, but the frame came alive when I put some custom wheels on it - King R45 hubs with Archetype rims. It literally changed the bike completely. Good luck with yours, hope for many happy miles!

npipe 10-26-21 08:41 AM

Oh yeah, there's a good idea. To be honest, I'm mostly a mtb and gravel rider, so the mavic ksyrium elites on this bike are probably the best road wheels I've ridden at this point. It would be interesting to see the difference a nice pair of modern wheels could make.

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