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Eastham 07-22-05 03:46 PM

Dawes Fireball?????
Can anyone tell me if a Dawes Fireball is A: Worth keeping and B: worth spending 300 on a groupset and making into a nice bike? I was thinking of buying a road bike an the other day was putting something in the shed and noticed my dads Dawes Fireball. He got it off my mum for there 5th anniversary they think... making it roughly 30yrs old. I just though it would be nice to use something like that (keep it in the family an all that) than just buy a new bike. However if its just a crap bike then i won't bother. The frame isn't in too bad condition just a few light scratches. I can't find anything on the net about it.
Cheers for looking, Sam.

halfspeed 07-23-05 07:19 AM

Repost in the classic and vintage forum and you'll get more responses. Include pictures and a detailed description of the components, serial number and frame decals.

Eastham 07-23-05 09:27 AM

cheers mate.

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