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Eric F 11-21-21 11:17 AM

Originally Posted by OkFine (Post 22314705)
Very cool. I always enjoyed that head, but not so much the weight of it going from show to show. I ended up selling my GS412 for the same reasons actually lol.

The Aggie rig is a feather compared to the SVT+410 I had before 🤣

bampilot06 11-21-21 09:05 PM

Cyclo_Tron 11-21-21 09:32 PM
Dis-regard dining room table, acquire bicycle.

jaxgtr 11-22-21 06:07 AM

Phil_gretz 11-22-21 07:10 AM

In Transition...
Right now, my bikes are mostly in boxes, awaiting transport to TX.

Formerly, we suspended four from a Saris rack that had been left in our home by the prior owner.

The mountain bikes were on pulleys for easier up and down.

The two road bikes that were queued up for riding stood on the floor nearest the garage door.

Two more hung on a floor-standing rack in my bike workshop in the basement, which has been taken down and boxed for the move.

easyupbug 11-22-21 07:23 AM

I am lucky to need only one hanger.

Phil_gretz 11-22-21 07:52 AM

Originally Posted by easyupbug (Post 22316207)
I am lucky to need only one hangar.


ThermionicScott 11-22-21 09:51 AM

Phil_gretz , do cremated remains get better treatment by the postal service?

Phil_gretz 11-22-21 10:24 AM

Originally Posted by ThermionicScott (Post 22316401)
Phil_gretz , do cremated remains get better treatment by the postal service?

It's a bizarre coincidence, really. Yes, it's an actual thing that the USPS will provide materials for shipping cremated remains to their final destination. The materials come in a complete and well-thought out kit, and yes, there is special handling. These particular boxes were used and are now waiting for use in our move. No need to destroy or waste them. PG

Hiro11 11-22-21 10:50 AM

I have seven bikes and I'm fortunate to have a large basement. There's plenty of room down there so I just set up an inexpensive dual sided rack on top of some inexpensive pads. If you have the room, this works perfectly: very secure, instant accessibility. My fatbike doesn't fit in it, though,

BobsPoprad 11-22-21 07:02 PM
I Always leave one parked in the garage in case there is a nice day from now until March.

DMC707 11-22-21 07:21 PM

Psssshhhhhh - Only a Philistine would keep his bikes in a garage or basement ! :50:

But truth is --- i have plenty in the garage too just laying about and leaning against other stuff :foo::):lol:

The Chemist 11-23-21 04:59 AM

I live in a very small apartment on the 24th floo4r, so my bikes stay locked up in the corridor outside near the elevators.

rumrunn6 11-23-21 05:23 AM

jamesdak 11-24-21 11:17 AM

I pretty much keep them all in the bike cave although in years past there was some overflow. Several methods. Basic 2 bike stands where I alternate then front to back to fit the most in. Then I have a few on the wall hanging by simple pedal hangers I got off Amazon. One custom bike hanger with built in storage, a 3 bike display from an old bike shop and finally two hanging on a wall using some hangers I made with old handlebars and pipe fittings.
The basic room.
Homemade hangers
The front is hinged and then there's storage inside
One of the pedal hangers
This stand holds 3 bikes. You can widen it as needed to fit the bikes and the supports for the BB are reversible so you can face the bikes either way.

Back in the day (last year) I had over 30 bikes stored in this room. Got a bit nuts.

DMC707 11-24-21 11:39 AM

Originally Posted by jamesdak (Post 22318933)

Back in the day (last year) I had over 30 bikes stored in this room. Got a bit nuts.

Very clean and well sorted bike cave ! Kudos ! :beer:

GhenghisKahn 12-17-21 06:31 PM

Originally Posted by Wonkadonk (Post 22312905)
As this became my solution for bike storage, it made me wonder what other people do. So do you have pictures to share of how you store your bikes? Simply curious.
There are 8 underneath all those covers. Tandem, 2 roadies, 2 utility, 2 mtbs, and a fg. The fg gets used the most so it has easiest access. That yellow jacket hanging there is my J&G rain jacket. It's pretty rainy here in Wellington, NZ.

maxotru 12-30-21 09:09 AM

Up against a wall in my house, ready to go for a ride :)

GlennR 12-30-21 09:33 AM

My son's garage.

My garage

tkamd73 12-30-21 10:26 AM

In the basement

Calsun 12-30-21 03:29 PM

I had 9 bikes and when I started adding heavy mountain bikes and e-bikes I needed to add more space as hanging them off a hook or wheeling them up and down stairs was not an attractive option. I put together a 8x10 foot shed where it is easy to store 5 of the heavier bikes and wheel them from the shed to the SUV for transport. I sold an old Dave Scott Criterium bike and gave away a custom road bike with full Campy Record components to get down to the 2 CF road bikes, 2 CF road e-bikes, one FS bike and two hardtail bikes.

Nachoman 12-30-21 06:24 PM
I've added a couple bikes since this photo. And I got rid of my 1963 pitch and bat pinball machine. But you get the idea.

Alleytom 12-31-21 11:47 AM

Sorry for the messy garage pics, but here it is, I use Unistrut attached to the joists, with threaded bike hangers that move in the Unistrut to hang the bikes on, I am able to move the bikes to get to which one I need. I'm getting a set of extra large hooks for the Pugsley too... I looked into wheeled Unistrut mounts, but they are really spendy, so I went with the washers & bolts.

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