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Calsun 12-30-21 03:29 PM

I had 9 bikes and when I started adding heavy mountain bikes and e-bikes I needed to add more space as hanging them off a hook or wheeling them up and down stairs was not an attractive option. I put together a 8x10 foot shed where it is easy to store 5 of the heavier bikes and wheel them from the shed to the SUV for transport. I sold an old Dave Scott Criterium bike and gave away a custom road bike with full Campy Record components to get down to the 2 CF road bikes, 2 CF road e-bikes, one FS bike and two hardtail bikes.

Nachoman 12-30-21 06:24 PM
I've added a couple bikes since this photo. And I got rid of my 1963 pitch and bat pinball machine. But you get the idea.

Alleytom 12-31-21 11:47 AM

Sorry for the messy garage pics, but here it is, I use Unistrut attached to the joists, with threaded bike hangers that move in the Unistrut to hang the bikes on, I am able to move the bikes to get to which one I need. I'm getting a set of extra large hooks for the Pugsley too... I looked into wheeled Unistrut mounts, but they are really spendy, so I went with the washers & bolts.

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