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Mick554 07-23-05 11:11 PM

Cateye Help
Does anyone know how to retury my Cateye Mity to auto instead of manual, so that it'll record ride time only while the bike is moving?

allgoo19 07-23-05 11:46 PM

Welcome to the forum.

I have a Mity 2. It may not be exactly the same as your Mity.

Find a button called "set button", mine happened to be the tiny rubber button between two large buttons. While function is set to Time, Average speed or Distance, each set button pushing would change auto to manual alternatively. You have to use some pointy object such as ball point pen.

Mick554 07-25-05 09:12 AM

Hmmm, mine is the Mity 8, and the buttons seem to be different. I'm still stuck.

dayve 07-25-05 10:57 AM

If you don't have the manual, you can download it from:

From the manual:
• How to set ON or OFF the auto-mode
Push the SET button on the back side of the computer while Elapsed
Time, Average Speed, Trip Distance 1 or 2 is displayed, then the icon
is lit” (ON) or turned OFF.

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