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greywolf 07-24-05 06:45 PM

Beware of 2nd hand saddles !
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you have been warned !!!

GP 07-24-05 10:07 PM

Ewwwww. And I just told my wife to keep an eye out for a used cruiser saddle.

CardiacKid 07-24-05 10:35 PM

Talk about numb nuts!

my58vw 07-24-05 10:40 PM


Siu Blue Wind 07-24-05 11:52 PM

Now who were the ones that complained about the smell of their saddle?

Cyclaholic 07-25-05 12:11 AM

It's ok if it's a black used saddle, just avoid the one with the 'brooks honey' streak don the middle :eek: :p

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