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fococyclist 07-24-05 08:22 PM

Trek Pilot or Raleigh Cadent
I am an over 60 cyclist who has been cycling on and off for the last 20 years. Now, with two knee replacements and a recently rotator cuff shoulder repair I find that my old roadie just isn't comfortable anymore. I bought a new Trek MTB, which is fun to ride, but don't go too fast. Last year i bought a Schwinn GSXsport hybrid, nice bike.
Now I am looking a the new ergonomic designed bikes.
Trek Pilot 2.1 and the Raleigh Cadent, probably the 3.0.
Any advice on which bike brand is better? Both are about the same in price, except I could trade my old Univega Modo Vincere in at the shop that carries the Raleigh, so I would save a few bucks.
I know the Trek name pretty well, but how is Raleigh now?
My goal is to get back into riding 100k's, and we have lots of hills (mountains) in Colorado.

aikigreg 07-24-05 09:47 PM

I can only give you my experience on the pilot. I absolutely love the bike. The only other bike that came close in consideration was the Specialized tarmac. I've gone farther on it than I ever thought I would go on a road bike, and I have serious wrist/joint issues.

I can't speak to the raleigh, unfortunately.

jaldridge 07-25-05 03:09 AM

I have a Trek Pilot 5.2 with about 1800 miles on it now, and I find it very comfortable.

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