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slvoid 07-24-05 09:51 PM

Low humidity making my lips chapped.
Does anyone else breathe exclusively through their mouth when they're riding? This dry hot air's really drying my lips on my rides, I have 3 things of lip balm lying around. Chapstick all natural which tastes kind of like honey, blistex renewing which tastes like cucumber melon, and blistex uplifting which tastes like citrus. Which one should I use?

lisasimpson 07-24-05 10:08 PM

ok am I the only one concerned about the proctologist discussing uplifting chapped body parts. lol just busting chops. I say close your eyes and choose one. they all sound good.

Kyle90 07-24-05 11:10 PM

You should breathe through your nose, and exhale out your mouth.. they won't get chapped.

va_cyclist 07-25-05 05:53 AM

Labello. Best lip balm ever. Not available in the U.S.

spindog 07-25-05 06:10 AM


Originally Posted by Kyle90
You should breathe through your nose, and exhale out your mouth.. they won't get chapped.

And as a bonus - you'll end up swallowing less flying critters. :)

7stitches 07-25-05 08:06 PM

Two words.......Burt's Bees

Marge 07-25-05 08:17 PM

it's not the flavor, it's the durability. Frankly, Bert's Bees did not hold up on a century
ride. Blistex no flavor was very good, also Alba Botanica Sun SPF 18, very good.
Naturally the drug store Blistex is going to be much cheaper then the non-petro, Alba Botanica. Personally I avoid really strong flavors I don't want it to make my sports drink taste even more bizarre.

zachisageek 07-25-05 08:21 PM

move to WI, you'll only have dry lips in the winter, during the summer the humidity is overwhelming. I just got home from a small easy ride and i'm literally dripping everywhere. (i know its tmi)

Eggplant Jeff 07-25-05 08:32 PM

I thought the glove was to prevent chapping...

Move somewhere with more humidity.

Mentor58 07-25-05 09:25 PM

When I was in Alaska and the Sinai, (both places with VERY low humidity), the overwhelming choice for lipbalm was Carmex (I think I spelled it right?). It comes in a small yellow container, and you just dip your finger in and schmeer a little on your lips. Worked better than ANYTHING else.

Steve W.

hooligan 07-26-05 07:52 AM


Originally Posted by lauren
I keep cookie flavored with glitter in my saddlebag.

"sexily young"
Teehee, I just see it all the time in our school, and it's supposed to be sexy/girly. And these are grade 8's wearing it. :D:D

If you have a bf or hubby, I'm sure he gets a bonus treat when he gets a quick smooth. *thumbs up*


lala 07-26-05 08:12 AM

Use non-petroleum based balm!

Eggplant Jeff 07-26-05 08:17 AM

Vasoline, dude. I'm sure you've got some laying around.

Stubacca 07-26-05 08:55 AM

Choose whichever one doesn't have alcohol as an ingredient. Some of the chapsticks do, which is kinda stupid - you get relief initally from them but then the alcohol dries out your lips again. I guess it's to make you use more of the stuff...

I'm pretty sure the all natural chapstick is good, as is the blue sun protection one.

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