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threadend 07-30-02 07:06 PM nemesis
The second or third week in August every year I have to put in a week to 10 days of easy, low HR rides to recover from an overtrained state or pay a price that I can only describe as the blahs.

When do you burn out?

Chris L 07-30-02 09:09 PM

I tried to burn myself out on a ride last February. 293km later, I conceded defeat.

RiPHRaPH 07-30-02 09:33 PM

it is always around this time. it happens and i don't even want to see my bike....i've tempered it a bit with slow tourist rides instead of trying to fight through the tightness and weariness.

WoodyUpstate 07-31-02 06:28 AM

I'm a little discouraged right now, too. I'm feeling lethargic on the bike, I had a DNF (broken chain) on my race Sunday and my two biggest races of the season are in the next two weeks.

I'm not overtrained as I take 2 or 3 days a week off the bike, but hammering every time out is taking its toll.

digger 07-31-02 09:18 AM

Yeah I got the same problem. Around this time I find myself saying "Jeez I hope it rains so I don't have to ride"

When I start saying that it becomes a chore. I am mainly a road rider, and I think that now I will start with my mountain bike again in the evenings and ride my road bike on weekends - just to break things up a bit and get away from the same thing everyday.

Plus, I am soon to take up kayaking (I hope) just gotta be able to afford a kayak. That way i get outdoors, work my upper body, give the legs and mind a rest from the bike

oceanrider 07-31-02 11:30 AM

I'm praying for rain to get out and ride. It's too bleeping hot. Today it's supposed to get to 94F with humidity in the 80% range. It's sunset or nutt'n.

fubar5 07-31-02 11:32 AM

I am burned out right now actually.

beowoulfe 07-31-02 03:33 PM

Buy a new bike. It will juice you up. :D

wabbit 08-01-02 11:23 AM

The best thing to do when you feel that way is to take some time off, and mix it up a bit, go for some dirt rides on your mountain bike or cross rides or whatever. Don't check speeds or heart rates, just spin around. And if you don't want to go, don't go.

I sort of cooked myself yesterday, so I may take today off. It's supposed to be 90 degrees (that's 32 C) almost 100 with the humidex. It's either a sunset spin or nothing at all.

Anyways, taking a few days off or doing different rides with no pressure, no goals, should get you back to being motivated again. I'm not feeling the blahs yet because we had a really horrible, rainy spring and then I missed abuot 10 days with an injury, so I'm still really motivated. However, on brutally hot days like this, the hell with it!

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