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Puppypaws 07-25-05 10:09 AM

Where to rack one's hitch rack?
My hubby and I just purchased a Yakima hitch rack that does not have the folding arms feature. I am trying to get the garage organized this week and realize that that rack takes up a lot of floor space.

Is there a way to mount a hitch receiver on one's garage wall, to put the rack and the bikes on it?

I've looked on some websites but havent had much luck.

Many Thanks. :)

Retro Grouch 07-25-05 10:32 AM

I'm sure that's possible but I doubt it's going to be very space efficient because your bikes are going to stand out a long distance from the wall. I like to hang bikes vertically from one wheel. I think that I'd try to figure a way to hang my hitch rack up between the roof trusses.

harmstrong 07-25-05 12:39 PM

i have my two bikes and the hardtop for my jeep suspended from garage ceiling. the bike lifts came from home depot for $20 each. quick and easy to let up or down and alows you to make minor adjustments without the wheels being on the floor.

Marylandnewbie 07-25-05 02:27 PM

A hitch receiver might be hard to work with and/or expensive, but home centers sell square steel tubes. Chances are you can find something in an appropriate size and then drill some holes in one end of the tube and bolt some angle brackets to it. Then you can bolt/screw the angle brackets to the wall where you want it.

If your woodworking skills are better than metal working I would guess you could build a wooden tube that would serve as a receiver and can be mounted to the wall with angle brackets as well. If you go with wood I would use a hardwood to stand up to wear and tear. I might look to hang this sort of rack on the front wall of a garage over the front of cars so that your bikes are taking up air space that is not otherwise useful.

Since your bikes hanging on the hitch rack may stick out a bit you might look at ways to use the wall space behind the bikes -- places to hang your helmets, floor pump, other bike paraphrenalia. That way you don't waste space and things are conveniently located for use.

Puppypaws 07-25-05 03:34 PM

Thank you for the ideas. I'll work on it over the next few days. Perhaps I'll post before and after photos. I'm going to paint the garage floor with that sturdy epoxy paint to do a real garage makeover. (if the heat doesnt knock me out)

HiYoSilver 07-26-05 09:07 AM


Originally Posted by Puppypaws
I am trying to get the garage organized this week and realize that that rack takes up a lot of floor space. Is there a way to mount a hitch receiver on one's garage wall, to put the rack and the bikes on it?

Are you sure you want to do this? That approach will take up a lot of hortizontal floor space and you'll have to remove the bikes in order to mount the hitch to transport your bikes. We have a 3 car garage and don't have enough floor space to use your solution.

We store the hitch rack vertically. One bike is on a trainer and the other is stored for quick in/out. It's easier to fit the two bikes in the garage by separating them than keeping together. Rather than hitch receiver, since the rack is supported by the floor, we use straps/bungies to keep it in place. But there is no reason you couldn't use a vertical hitch receiver out of square pipe and then hang your bikes next to it. That would also look very nice, but you would gain added flexibility and quicker loads/unloads.

Just another idea for you to consider.

Puppypaws 07-26-05 12:12 PM

HiYo, you are right. I have abandoned the idea of putting the bikes on the Yakima rack while storing them in the garage. My garage has some weird features put in by the original owner that I will utilize. In essence there is a low false ceiling created by a large loft-like shelf in one corner. I can hang the Yakima by two hooks and get it out of the way. I discovered that the Yakima is nicely balanced so that one can hang it by its "shoulders" and the arms will remain horizontal. I will leave my hubby's bike on the floor using it's kickstand. My bike has no kickstand, so I will probably hang it on one wall. However, I noted the frame has a funny angle to the top bar (?compact frame style?), so Im not sure the bike hanger I just bought at home depot will work, unless I install it at an angle.

HiYoSilver 07-26-05 12:47 PM

Mount the bike hanger so the bike's top bar is level and paint the hanger to match the color of the wall. That should give the look you desire.

Puppypaws 07-26-05 04:08 PM

Excellent idea! As soon as the temperatures in the garage become tolerable I'll get cracking. It is over 100 degrees in there right now. Whew!

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