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totalnewbie 03-09-22 08:58 PM

Taipei cycle 2022 show - booths
went to taipei cycle 2022 show yesterday, one of the biggest trade shows in the industry. I am gonna post a series of photos in different categories. Granted I am just a casual observer so take these with a grain of salt.

a few observations:

1. i also went to this show about 7/8 years ago. big difference in terms of the number exhibitors. Due to covid and taiwan's quarantine requirements, there is virtually no presence of international exhibitor. If there is any, such as SRAM, i think it's because their factories/HQ are here. when i talked to one of the vendors, his words: "it's just a big local reunion". as a result of this, complete new bike models from different brands are not as numerous as in previous years.

2. The focus/ trend is definitely e-bikes. seems like every other booth is displaying something relating to e-bikes. Road bikes, cargo bikes, folding bikes, off-roads... they all have batteried-powered versions. and They are getting slimmer. a lot of them have the batteries buried in the seat tubes and down tubes, unlike the bulky and ugly carry ons in the past generations. talking to one of the vendors, he definitely thinks this is gonna a long term trend like electric cars. Taiwan certainly has an advantage in R&D in this field given their strong microchip industry. the future certainly looks bright (from a taiwan perspective)

3. a lot of cargo bikes and the likes, though i found it weird. since most cargo bikes are being sold to europe and there are few european buyers this time around. i think they are there as curiosities.

4. for roadies: I asked the shimano rep whether a 105 Di2 is in the pipeline, given SRAM has come up with electronic Rival. Not surprisingly, he gave me a knowing look and said RIGHT NOW they only offer dura-ace and ultegra. My gut is that something is in the work.

5. this is the first time (I think) that the show is open to the general public from day 1 (in the past only the last day was) due to the absence of international buyers. Still the crowd compared to past years was pretty sparse. 25% of the floor is empty /open space compared to 100% packed in previous years.

6. stay posted for the rest of the photos, let's started with the general booths/ ambience of the show.

icemilkcoffee 03-11-22 02:41 PM

With gas prices in the $5-$6 range, I think e-bikes will be huge.

GamblerGORD53 03-11-22 10:35 PM

Linus has E bikes now too. Blah.

Doubleplay 03-14-22 05:51 PM

Thanks for posting pics. I would love to go there one day.

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