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Multiple Bikes & How You Use Them

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Multiple Bikes & How You Use Them

Old 03-17-22, 10:11 AM
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Bikes: too many sparkly Italians, some sweet Americans and a couple interesting Japanese

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I have a ridiculous shop with usually around 2 dozen, 6 of which are for the kids and grandkids when they are in town, 2 cyclocross one of which is at the cabin, 2 MTBs again one at the cabin, a grocery/hardware store getter with racks, and usually 8 to 10 in a daily road bike rotation and then embarrassingly several in various states of build, waiting parts or modifications, or sale.
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Old 03-17-22, 10:18 AM
Eric F
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4 road bikes - Newest one gets the most miles, 2nd one lives on my trainer, 3rd is a former race bike of mine that I was able to buy back from a friend, 4th belonged to my dad as was renovated by me recently.
1 MTB (old, hardtail, singlespeed)

I need more MTBs...and a gravel bike...
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Old 03-17-22, 10:35 AM
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Just a chubby old retired duffer that lives in Alaska in the summer and travels in a 5th wheel in the winter. Hybrid and endurance bike in Alaska. The endurance bike gets the nod more often than not. Also an aero road bike, but it turns out that if you are old and plump it is not much of a gain over the endurance bike. Also have an endurance bike in America as my sole bike. I do have an order in for a high end e road bike. Hopefully that will allow me to ride with 60 year olds. When the ebike arrives I will sell the endurance bike in America since I can only haul 2 bikes on the truck: mine and She Who Must Be Obeyed's bike.

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Old 03-17-22, 12:34 PM
Mad bike riding scientist
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Originally Posted by jaxgtr View Post
I had 7 at one point, 5 for me, 2 for my wife. We are down to 5, I got rid of 2 last year that I was not using as much, so they found a good home. I ride my Domane and Emonda the most, swap every other ride on them or based on what I am doing.
Ya donít count your wifeís bikes. Those are herís.
Stuart Black
Gold Fever Three days of dirt in Colorado
Pokin' around the Poconos A cold ride around Lake Erie
Dinosaurs in Colorado A mountain bike guide to the Purgatory Canyon dinosaur trackway
Solo Without Pie. The search for pie in the Midwest.
Picking the Scablands. Washington and Oregon, 2005. Pie and spiders on the Columbia River!
Days of Wineless Roads. Bed and Breakfasting along the KATY
Twisting Down the Alley. Misadventures in tornado alley.
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Old 03-17-22, 06:52 PM
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Originally Posted by cyccommute View Post
Ya donít count your wifeís bikes. Those are herís.
Yea that is true.
Brian | 2023 Trek Domane SLR 7 eTap AXS | 2016 Trek Emonda ALR 6 | 2022 Trek FX Sport 5
Originally Posted by AEO View Post
you should learn to embrace change, and mock it's failings every step of the way.

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Old 03-17-22, 07:33 PM
Paul Barnard
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Gravel Bike: Lynskey GR300 My newest bike. Haven't used it in gravel. Great comfortable all-arounder. Still getting used to it and it's growing on me.
Touring Commuter: Lysnkey Backroad. Haven't used it on a tour yet. Have used it in gravel. lol Incredibly plush responsive ride. Two sets of wheels, one with road tires the other with gravel tires. If limited to just one bike, this would likely be it.
Mountain Bike: Lynskey MT-29 hardtail. My least used bike. I ride it out west on vacation once a year. The frame is surprisingly flexy. I suspect most would have issue with it, but for my style, it works out well.
Road Bike: Litespeed T6 (sorry Lynskey) Good balance of weight, responsiveness, comfort and speed.
Tandem: Burley Duet steel. Don't use it much. It's fun for short rides. The extra work I do is hard on my bum knees. The looks I get when I ride it alone or when I tow my dog in the kiddie trailer are worth the price I paid for it.
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Old 03-18-22, 09:49 AM
please no more flats
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iím trying to minimize number of bikes, for practical reasons of storage and maintenance. we live in a high rise, downtown (more or less) and donít have a ton of space. the current fleet is:

a straight up road bike, skinny tires with tubes, carbon, light, no accessories whatsoever for the majority of my pleasure / fitness rides. 14lb.

an aluminum commmuter front hub city eBike with fenders and child seat for my 3 year old. gets ridden all over for errands, family outings, some commutes. 42lb.

a mid-drive carbon eBike that works well as both road bike and gravel bike. carbon rims with 32mm tubeless for long road rides, commutes, etc, and cheapie aluminum rims with 42mm knobby tires for gravel duty. 28lb.

i canít really figure out how i could get it down to two bikes, although i feel like theoretically a steel or titanium old school frame retrofitted with a rear hub motor could be both a great gravel bike and take a child sets safely and robustly.
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Old 03-18-22, 09:27 PM
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A road bike
A dedicated road bike for the trainer.
A mountain bike

I use them like anyone else. Balance on bike, feet on pedals and hands on bars and pedal away. Trick question?
Road and Mountain 🚴🏾‍♂️

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Old 03-19-22, 01:59 PM
Iím a little Surly
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Two at my work apartment and one at home
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Old 03-19-22, 05:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Nate8727 View Post
Anyone have multiple bikes for different uses?

I have just the hybrid for now, but that got me thinking about other possibilities... Trails, etc...

Interesting to see how different everyone can be.
I only ride road, so no MTBs. I have a good road bike and a couple of single-or three-speed commuters (my commute is ~2.5 mi, so itís not too arduous). I thought about another road bike - something classic like a Colnago Master for my next big birthday, but whatís the point? Would it be as good as my current roadie (unlikely). I donít need disks, although I might look at upgrading to ESP if Campag come up with something semi-wireless. Not only do I not need more bikes, but I could happily lose one of the commuters and be happy with two
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Old 03-21-22, 01:45 PM
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I sold one Dave Scott triathalon bike and gave away a vintage full Campy custom frame road bike so down to a CF road bike and a new Turbo Creo SL e-bike for road use. I use the 27 lb e-bike the most as it is safer on the busy roads where I ride as I can go faster longer when in hazardous sections.

I also have a full suspension and a hardtail mountain bikes that are used on the trails in my area. I can avoid motor vehicle traffic but not trail traffic with bikes, horses, and hikers sharing the same trails.

I put up a 8x10 foot shed to store 5 of the 7 bikes my wife and I use. It was a good investment that makes it much easier for me to retrieve a couple of bikes and load them on the platform bike rack on the car. It is very dangerous to ride around where I live and a neighbor was hit by a car 6 months ago and suffered a few broken ribs, so we pretty much have to load our bikes and drive to where it is safe to ride.
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Old 03-22-22, 12:53 AM
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I also own two bikes. One for the trails and mountain rides, and one gravel bike mostly for road rides. I am thinking of purchasing a 3rd one (Cruiser) for casual city rides.
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Old 03-22-22, 04:43 AM
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Road bike for nice paved routes. Cyclocross bike I use for gravel routes. Mountain bike for off-road trails. Hybrid bike for slower family rides. Dedicated road bike for indoor trainer.
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Old 03-22-22, 06:57 AM
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I have five bikes:
2 road bikes - one sits on the trainer all the time
1 track bike - I race it on the track regularly
1 gravel/cross bike - for when I don't feel like riding on the road
1 mtb - for mtb riding.

There's a new brewery only a few miles away. I'm thinking of adding an e-bike to the mix to go there and run other short errands.
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Old 03-23-22, 03:58 PM
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In general you can get an very good all-around road bike, or a very good all-around mountain bike. To get a single bike for everything there will always be trade-offs in areas like weight, durability, etc.
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Old 03-23-22, 04:15 PM
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Originally Posted by BikingViking793 View Post
Road bike for nice paved routes. Cyclocross bike I use for gravel routes. Mountain bike for off-road trails. Hybrid bike for slower family rides. Dedicated road bike for indoor trainer.
A hardtail bike makes a good bike for trails and for city riding on poor pavement. I bought a road bike last year that uses 28mm tires and I was surprised at both how little change there was in rolling resistance compared to my 23mm tires and how much shock absorption the wider tires provided.
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Old 03-24-22, 03:20 AM
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My power-assist bike is for taking my daughter to ballet. My folding bike is for taking on trains or flights to distant places, and my road bike is used for everything else.
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Old 03-24-22, 08:32 PM
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Fat bike for snow and fun.

Hard tail for summer off road and fun.

Ritchey solo breakaway for travel when Mrs Dan isn't planning on riding and for fun.

Ritchey tandem breakaway for touring and riding with Mrs Dan which always makes the ride more fun.

Lynskey R350 for road and group rides and riding around the country side and in town when there is no snow or ice and for fun.

Lynskey gravel conversion for solo touring and gravel road rides and for fun. Also for commuter if I ever need one.

Ritchey early 1980's rigid mtb on the trainer. Not sure why I have the trainer. The Ritchey used to be my commuter.

Peugeot because I have had it for 40 years and I have had a lot of fun riding that bike. Besides that, it has a Mavic Starfish crankset that makes me smile when I look at it. Also for rides that require a down tube shifter road bike from before 1987...

Possible addition: a full suspension bike if I move somewhere that has hills or mountains.
An Eroica tandem. Maybe.

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Old 03-24-22, 11:17 PM
Miles to Go
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I have four bikes. I don`t need four bikes, but they are like my children... I love them all.
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Old 03-29-22, 10:52 PM
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Bikes: Too many bikes to mention, steel, alumium, carbon, titanium, solo, tandem, road, TT, CX. . .

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Current count is 10 plus wife's and kids' bikes.

Road bikes:
Steel bike with fenders x 1
Alu bike with fenders x 1
Alu summer bike x 1
Ti summer bike x 1
Carbon summer bike x 1

Steel road tandem x 1
Carbon TT bike x 1
Alu CX/gravel bike x 1
Alu dedicated turbo trainer bike x 1
Alu hardtail MTB x 1

They all get used reguarly except the steel bike (owned new since 1985 and just can't part with it) and the rarely-used MTB.
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Old 03-30-22, 04:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Velogoth View Post
This is a very good question! I don't like being overburdened with "stuff", so I don't like the "n+1" answer. I could also do with far fewer bikes than I have. It all depends on what you want to do and whether you want "do it all" tools or specific tools finely tuned for each task.

For me, I don't like mountain biking, but I commute, use a bike for utility, and ride on the road, so here is what I have/want:

1. Commuter/Dirt roads/Rail Trails: Surly Straggler
2. Nice day road bike: 1986 Miele Beta (project bike)
3. Randonneur/long distance/off-weather road bike: Do not have
4. Utility/Beater: 1997 GT Arette (project bike)
ah, the old adjustable wrench vs individual sized wrenches. don't get me started........
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Likes For jdogg111:
Old 04-02-22, 07:50 AM
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Oh dear. Now you made me count.

Road / CX use: True North CX (handmade steel)
3 season commuter : '88 Bianchi Strada
winter commuter: '93 Giant Innova built up as gravel bike, drop bars and cantis
Winter fun: Fatbike - Gravity Bullseye Monster
Summer fun: BMX Race bikes x3 - Haro Blackout (modern), FMF steel (mid-school) and Redline cruiser
BMX park bike for skills work
eBike project, potentially commuter
Felt B2 TT bike
Specialized P2 Dirt Jumper (no fork at the moment )

I'm the worst, but both kids and my wife all have multiple bikes too. Definitely no car in the garage.
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Old 04-02-22, 12:04 PM
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Drop bar, fat tire tourer/commuter.
Flat bar, fat tire tourer/commuter.
Drop bar, skinny tire fast road bike.
Flat bar, skinny tire fast road bike.
Hard tail MTB.
Vintage roady.
Road eBike

I have three frames currently hanging, one of which is another vintage roady waiting for parts. The other two are “one of these days” projects. I’m having so much fun on the eBike I’m considering buying a full-sus MTB version.

And then there are the wife’s bikes…
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Old 04-02-22, 07:18 PM
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Most people don't need multiple bikes, we have them because we like bikes! I have a bike I use for road bike for commuting, another road bike for my weekend long distance rides, and another road/gravel/touring bike for camping and touring. Those are the 3 I use most of the time, I have a few others but I never ride them for one reason or another.
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Old 04-03-22, 07:21 PM
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Defy Advanced 2 for dry weather. Contend AR1 for wet roads. Love em both
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