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zandoval 03-30-22 02:29 PM

Low speed tangle with feral hogs 2013...

Fractured Sternum
Fractures along 7 Back Vertibrea
Painful Numbness at right shoulder
At recovery loss of Core Strength and Proprioception.

But my 80s ChroMo Univega is just fine!!!

Note: Helmet saved my life!

Germany_chris 03-30-22 02:59 PM

I've been ht by cars three times two were drunk which took me off the road for a couple years and while mountain biking I broke a collar bone and Ulna.

My wife wonders why I like cyclocross

bruce19 03-30-22 04:00 PM

[QUOTE=Rdmonster69;22456019....................wicked hard ...........[/QUOTE]

That's a SE Mass or RI accent no?

drlogik 03-30-22 04:16 PM

Shattered right wrist when I went over the handlebars after hitting a jagged rock on the road. My fault. Titanium pins and plates and Humpty Dumpty is back together again. On the bright side, through the rehab I became virtually ambidextrous except for throwing a baseball.

After reading some of the previous posts, I'm thinking of removing my post. I'm totally blown away by some of them.


Daniel4 03-30-22 07:29 PM

I hope this thread isn't going to be used to prove that cycling is dangerous.

JanMM 03-30-22 08:51 PM

2012 - biking to work hit a slick bit of road from a leaking truck perhaps and found myself and the bike sliding to a stop on my and it's left side. Frame member smacked my left shin in the process and left a nice contusion but no broken bone. Had never been contused so got checked out at an urgent care place. Took months for local swelling to resolve. Learned to appreciate wearing compression lower leg sleeves.
2014 - riding tandem on a rainy day, we approached a short bridge with steel decking and slowed down but not enough. Out of control just enough to dump the bike on it's and our left side. Possible bruised left hip bone - mild soreness off and on but much less now. Not a problem. Spouse/stoker may have fractured thumb joint but didn't get it checked out till much later. Resolved completely.
2019 - Rode first day of Hilly Hundred Weekend annual ride in Southern Indiana. Rained most of first day. Dumped the bike and me on a wet flat right turn. I seemed to have smacked tailbone on pavement. Couldn't sit down on the ground on it to eat at lunch stop. I'm a grown man, a registered nurse with access to the internet and self-diagnosed a bruised tailbone. Could do a sit-up only with a thick foam pad on carpet under me for a few days, then gradually progressed to sit-ups with thin pads, then just carpet over the course of a week or two. No other discomfort or movement/activity issues.
All-in-all, no worst bike-related injuries for me. Lucky boy, so far. Probably helps that these incidents all happened while riding recumbent bikes, so I didn't have far to fall to the road surface.

Desert Ryder 03-30-22 08:59 PM

For myself, I guess it would have been when I was a sophomore in high school. Sometime in 1982.
While riding to school I was hit by a car resulting in asphalt embedded in my elbows, various scrapes and bruises, and a mild concussion

frogman 03-30-22 09:13 PM

Originally Posted by Cornchips (Post 22455760)
I've had a pretty good run on my bike...until now. Recently I was riding along and moved to get out of the way of a parked car when my front tyre got caught in tram tracks (here in Melbourne, Australia) and I got slung off the bike, with my right shoulder taking pretty much all of the fall. I went to the hospital the next day and got the "all-clear" - no broken bones, just probable soft tissue damage that should sort itself out within a week. I was really surprised with the diagnosis as upon entering the hospital, it kind of felt as though I had broke my collar bone and about 3 ribs. "Must just be getting soft in my old age" I mused to myself as I left in a temporary makeshift sling. But when the pain become unbearable at work, and found myself unable to lift anything over my head, I decided to see a Doctor who ordered an ultrasound. The ultrasound, or more specifically, another x-ray of me bearing weight, revealed a sublaxed shoulder, or Grade II AC joint separation. Now, can I not only not lift anything above my head or move my arm with ease across my body, but am looking at 6 weeks off work. I'm now 17 days into my recovery and am wondering of its going to get any better. Apparently a Grade II tear doesn't warrant surgery, so I've just been RICE-ing up, but progress has been still hurts.

So what about you? What's the worst injury you've sustained while cycling?

Wow, hope it gets better faster than it is going now. I broke my collar bone and they put in a screw to hold it together. The worst part of it was not being able to ride. Seemed forever before I could ride again. Hang in there..............

frogman 03-30-22 09:24 PM

Originally Posted by drlogik (Post 22456398)
Shattered right wrist when I went over the handlebars after hitting a jagged rock on the road. My fault. Titanium pins and plates and Humpty Dumpty is back together again. On the bright side, through the rehab I became virtually ambidextrous except for throwing a baseball.

After reading some of the previous posts, I'm thinking of removing my post. I'm totally blown away by some of them.


Same here. I should remove my post too. My piddly collar bone injury is nothing compared to the ones posted here :eek:

tomato coupe 03-30-22 09:59 PM

I was in a bike race several years back. I had just bridged up to a small group of Italian riders, when one of them stuck a hand pump in my front wheel. Luckily, I escaped with only scrapes and bruises.

Desert Ryder 03-30-22 10:47 PM

Originally Posted by tomato coupe (Post 22456718)
I was in a bike race several years back. I had just bridged up to a small group of Italian riders, when one of them stuck a hand pump in my front wheel. Luckily, I escaped with only scrapes and bruises.

from one of my favorite movies

rumrunn6 03-31-22 08:20 AM

apparently cycling "shoulder season" has nothing to do w/ falling on your shoulder ... hahaha

roth rothar 03-31-22 08:23 AM

Mary Ellen Moffat :cry:

GhostRider62 03-31-22 08:29 AM

In fairness, I've only had 4 serious crashes in 40+ years and many hundreds of thousands of miles. Two were due to the bike, one was the road, and one were other riders going down. It happens. The one that got to me the most was when preparing for 1991 PBP. I should have sued.

c0urt 03-31-22 08:40 AM

the worst to me is the tamest to a lot, I was in a cross country mtb race, and considering I am a city boy, who had moved out to the country to try something new, I wasnt aware of the danger of ticks or what they looked like. got home and shoes were covered in ticks, so I just set them outside. I ended up with a bite on the back of calf, and after a month in a coma I ended up with viral encephalitis, the hardest physically from it has the seizures, the hardest mentally was i lost 5 years of memory and couldnt form new short term memory for about five years. remembering **** is still hard, and i have to re-teach myself things fairly often. but It is still imprinted on my my mind coming out of the coma and not knowing who the girl was that had sat next to me for the past month. the past 15 years years waking up in ditches on the side of the road running into things from seizures has had nothing on that.

CAT7RDR 03-31-22 08:40 AM

What I learned from this thread is I have to "Shut-up and man-up" when my arthritis and rotator cuffs are barking at me.

downtube42 03-31-22 09:04 PM

Originally Posted by downtube42 (Post 22456174)
I'm waiting for a software built to get done, so here's my assessment thus far in the competition:
  1. Brain bleed - 10 Wheels
  2. Broken neck; C1 C2 fuse - bruce19
  3. Broken neck; C3 fracture - downtube42
  4. Lots 'O shattered stuff - Ghostrider62
  5. Broken elbow x 2 - Retro Grouch
  6. Broken elbow - Juan Foote
  7. Split collar bone - indyfabz
  8. Pulverized ankle bone - Rolla
  9. Broken Shoulder - jaxgtr
  10. Torn ligaments and tendons - Lambkin55
  11. AC separateions and collased lung - JohnDThompson
  12. AC Joint Separation - Rdmonster69
  13. AC Joint Separation - Cornchips
  14. AC Joint Sprain - rumrunn6
  15. Broken ribs & dislocated clavicle - mstateglfr
  16. Cut elbow - Daniel4
  17. Road rash - delbiker1

Feel free to debate my unilateral and uninformed results.

To finish up the story. I had to cancel the build (which takes 45 minutes on a good day) because a dude on another software team (those idiots) had a last minute check-in for our code base that just had to be in this release. After his check-in I force started a build, then sat and twiddled my thumbs for a while. Eventually I got curious, did a dif, and looked at his code. Oh. My. God. Ugly code. Gawdawful, with magic numbers, bypassing interfaces, grabbing unfiltered data from an input channel. All that was true and horrid and totally expected given the source.

But, to tie in to the thread. I was looking at his new code where a variable was declared static and initialized inside a function, yet subsequently used in that function as if it was initialized globally. So I pinged the guy, with a big "DUDE YOU BROKE THE BUILD". In parallel I googled how static declarations work in C, because I had a sneaking suspicion I've forgotten more than I realize. Oh how right I was on that point. A static variable initialized inside a function has global scope in the module and is initialized only once. Well crap. I used to know that.

I've had one too many cycling concussions to be allowed anywhere near code. So add to the list, hit my head and broke my brain. That's why I'm the manager now.

rumrunn6 04-01-22 12:06 PM

Originally Posted by roth rothar (Post 22456964)
Mary Ellen Moffat :cry:

I've been known to say, nothing hurts like a broken heart, but after reading this thread, anyone can break up w/ me now, so long as I don't have to go thru what many here have gone thru (just don't give Wifey any ideas)

urbanknight 04-01-22 12:15 PM

The scrape on my hand when my toe overlapped the front tire going 2 mph. Somebody should really fix that unsafe geometry!

CrowSeph 04-01-22 12:17 PM

Last November: Broken my left cheeckbone; maxillary sinus, edema on my shoulder and a damage on left biceps , pectoral muscle and deltoid (medics said that i'm very lucky that i don't have any permanent damage or reduced movement).
Still i have to do more medics cheeckup since i don't feel mentally the same (memory loss and stuff) maybe related to the impact into the pavement.

Erzulis Boat 04-01-22 02:52 PM

Originally Posted by Kabuki12 (Post 22456263)
I went over the handlebars in 2018

Ever heard of the "Biker Fox Flip"? :lol:

Glad you are Ok.

Trsnrtr 04-02-22 12:16 PM

1986 - crash in a crit yielded a comminuted clavicle, broken right scapula, three ribs
1988 - crash in a crit yielded broken left scapula and three more ribs
2016 - tandem crash yielded broken left scapula, right clavicle, and TWELVE ribs, five were displaced which resulted in intubation for five days in ICU for a pleural effusion and five weeks of fentanyl patches.

In the same tandem crash listed above, my wife broke three ribs, clavicle, sternum, three vertebrae, and her pelvis in two places.

rekmeyata 04-02-22 07:15 PM

With over 60 years of riding, just two partially dislocated shoulders were my worst injuries. Martial arts taught me how to fall, so that has helped me; I also have extremely tough bones, even my back doc that put in my lower back fusion TI rods and screws said I had the toughest bones he ever had to drill through in 20 years of practice, so I think that helped prevent me from breaking anything; but the most important thing...the grace of God.

50PlusCycling 04-02-22 10:11 PM

I had a pretty spectacular crash which threw me about 3 meters into the air, I landed on my head (with no helmet) which was pushed against my clavicle, breaking the clavicle (but not my head). I suffered a good concussion, and suffered amnesia for about a week. 40-odd years later I still suffer frequent headaches.

cyclist2000 04-02-22 10:48 PM

The worst bike related injury that I have had was when the rear end of my road bike slid out on some gravel. I went straight down, multiple fractures to my femur. I have spent the last year recovering from the accident.

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