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1989Pre 08-05-22 01:04 PM

I was in Sullivan Square in Boston, and a young motorist objected vocally to the fact that I had stopped at the stoplight, and had remained static, even though there was no cross-traffic at the time. "What do you think you are, a car?" he shouted, in earnest. He seemed quite animated. "I'm obeying the rules!" I retorted. "What rules?" he rejoined. "The rules of the road!" I loudly asserted.
Maybe I should have had a jersey, on whose back is written, Yes..! Those rules!"

rumrunn6 08-05-22 01:15 PM

"why aren't you in the bike lane"

jadmt 08-07-22 03:00 PM

this happened to me a couple of days ago. I was riding on the bike/walking path in a very low traffic area, the bike path follows along side the country road and maybe at times gets within 8-10 feet or so of the county road. I had not seen another person walking or biking on the path except my wife who was a riding a couple hundred feet behind me. In fact I don't think I have ever encountered anyone else on this path ever. A freaking US mail carrier who was probably pushing 70 stopped and got out of his mail jeep and started waving a red bucket at me, to get my attention I guess, and yelled at me to stay on the very right side of the path. Kind of caught me by surprise. I said "excuse me" and he said he thought that I was taking up too much of the path and needed to stay to the far right at all wonder we have such crappy mail service....

tornado60 08-08-22 12:59 PM

"Push it Push it Real Good". Was yelled at me out a car window as I was pushing up a long steep hill on a hot day. That was a few years go and they had been running this Burger King commercial with that song a lot. It was totally a joke, and definitely made me laugh.

m.c. 08-08-22 06:35 PM

Originally Posted by JW Fas (Post 22599745)
To this day the stupidest thing said to me was right after that texting cop plowed into me with his SUV. When I called him out for texting he interrupted with, "I wasn't texting! I was looking at my phone!"

I've had really good luck with drivers giving me space, the only time I remember that I had someone get close to the back of my bike and then pass very close while accelerating it was a police officer.

I guess my mistake was not waving.

bampilot06 08-12-22 03:11 PM

Was recently called an elitist f*** when I politely asked the driver why he tried to kill me.

For a week my 4 year old called me an elitist duck.

Eric F 08-12-22 04:22 PM

Originally Posted by bampilot06 (Post 22608306)
Was recently called an elitist f*** when I politely asked the driver why he tried to kill me.

For a week my 4 year old called me an elitist duck.

This you?...

big john 08-12-22 06:29 PM

There have been so many. Just this Tuesday 5 of us were riding on a 2 lane road miles from any town or commercial buildings. The kind of road where you might not see a car for several minutes. Ahead there is a guy with a leaf blower making a huge dust cloud. When we get there my friend says something to the guy and the guy yells at us to ride single file.

One time I was riding solo and on a fairly quiet section of a 2 lane road and there is a guy with a small pick up picking up "Open House" signs and putting them in his truck. As I get close he jumps in his truck and pulls it perpendicular to the road. I couldn't figure out what he was doing, I thought he was trying to make a 3 point turn or something but he just stayed there, blocking the lane. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was blocking me because bicyclists always ran stop signs and broke the law. I was blown away and didn't know how to react. I said "You've never seen me run a stop sign". Then I rode around him and stopped at the stop sign. Very Weird.

bampilot06 08-12-22 07:11 PM

Originally Posted by Eric F (Post 22608379)

But my bow tie matches my socks.

livedarklions 08-12-22 07:24 PM

Originally Posted by bampilot06 (Post 22608521)
But my bow tie matches my socks.

Don't be silly, ducks don't wear socks. Those are spats.

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