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Richard D 08-01-02 08:00 AM

Orbit Trailers
I've been thinking about getting a trailer for a while, and I noticed Edinburgh Cycles have an Orbit trailer for just over 100. It's payload is 50kg, so almost a third more than a BOB, and comes with a removable carry box. By the time I've takn into acount getting a Yak sack to go with the BOB, the Orbit works out at less than half the price. I know being a 2 wheeled model, It's not going to be suitable for off-road use, but as it would mainly be used for groceries, trips to the recycling centre, garden centre etc. that wouldn't be a problem.

My only major concern is the seatpost hitch, rather than a stay or skewer monut.

Any experience? Any comments? Any suggestions?


Anders K 08-01-02 02:37 PM

Sorry to say, I have no personal experience, but I know Cycling Plus did a trailer test in theire july issue. Try to get it or read it at a library or I could copy and send you if you like.

Anders K

threadend 08-02-02 11:00 AM

I take a week long unsupported bicycle tour every year and I have pulled both seat and axle hitch trailers hundreds of miles on my cycling vacations, I would recommend the axle mounted variety if this is your intent. I've never come close to the weight restriction on these trailers although space availibility sometimes presents a challenge in getting everything loaded.

I bought the BOB because I didn't feel stable at high speeds, especially while decending, with my two wheeled trailer. At times I nearly forget my BOB is behind me sometimes it pulls so nice and smooth.

vlad 08-04-02 04:08 PM

I have seen the Yak and B.O.B. trailers for bicycle.

I saw the Tagalong for safely having a child ride with you.

I wonder if a fellow handy with tools might make a trailer rather like the Tagalong but without pedals, handlebars, seat etc ; and use it as a pack horse, so to speak, to carry several packsacks, or panniers.

Any ideas?

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