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Shortest professional cyclist?

Old 09-27-11, 07:16 AM
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the height is not something to argue about any sports,.

"heart is what determines an athlete",.

Tyrone Curtis "Muggsy" Bogues (NBA player) and Maurice-Francois Garin (1st and 2nd Tour de France Champion)

is the perfect example.

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Ron Harry
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Originally Posted by RacerX View Post

Your pros and cons are theoretically correct but you make some big assumtions.
most male cyclists are smaller than the general population of which country? ALL endurance atheletes are thin.
Where do you find female atheletes larger than the average population??? That is totally off base.
as for the general size range of "better riders", how do you come up with 5'6"-5'9"? Indurain, Armstrong, Meuseuw, Millar, Extebarria, Bettini, Bartoli, etc etc etc are all outside this range.
As for sprinters not being able to develop as much absolute power- hogwash! Did you see who won the Green Jersey this year? Hello? Robbie is about 5'8"/ 160lbs. did you see who won the World championship rr 2 years in a row? Friere is about 5'6" and known as one of the best sprinters in the world.

Size is not important. It is the power you can produce in comparison to your body weight, lung capacity, mental toughness. All that other stuff, while interesting, has no real meaning in any race and doesn't show anything of how great a cyclist can be.

Your post makes sense, but I know one 'body type' that I see in some better cyclists...the long, lean, lanky rider like the Schleck brothers. I've thought on this, wondering if perhaps 'long legs' [along with lighter, slimmer body weight etc], gives some cyclists some sort of advantaged mechanical leverage? Is there any study on how longer human legs [it's length etc] might provide that mechanical advantage. Of course, as you say, it's a combination of things I'm sure, including muscle mass, type, and how about desire (don't count that one out either).

I'm thinking that to be a professional cyclist, there must be a gargantuan DRIVE behind it that I wonder might outshadow's other sports? Just a guess, once experiencing the sustained energies involved...
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Old 09-27-11, 07:23 AM
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Originally Posted by TurbineBlade View Post
This thread should have been called "I can't see over the kitchen counter, please massage my ego."

No dude who is under 5'7" has every achieved anything in any sport. Ever. Absolutely no exceptions. They just die poor and lonely.

This is a real problem that you should worry about and spend time trying to solve.
Laffit Pincay, Jr.

Born: December 29, 1946 in Panama City, Panama
Resident: Panama City, Panama
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 117 lbs.
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Yes I know, I'm completely messing around. Sarcasm doesn't translate well at times .

I was more poking fun at the idea of having to ask the question, since many, many shorter people have done a lot.

Being a hockey fan, I look at Martin St. Louis. I hate playing against him, but he is an incredible player. I'm terrified if I see him on a breakaway....all 5'6" of him (or less since sports stats always round up).
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this is our countries CHAMPION

Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao a.k.a PACMAN

Born: December 17, 1978 (1978-12-17) (age 32)
Resident: Philippines
Weight: Light middleweight
Height: 5 ft 6 12 in (1.69 m)
this man's heart is large enough to carry a country and it's people.......!

He is the first eight-division world champion,..

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Originally Posted by Dutchy
(Originally posted 2002)
I would guess Marco Pantani(sp?), he looks short on TV.


Originally Posted by alan s View Post
Wonder if anything has changed since this thread was last active over 9 years ago.
For starters, Pantani has been dead for a couple of years. He was short and fast, though.
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Yeah I know this is an old post, but the accurate info never gets old...

Actually height does make a difference, only because the way manufacturer's build bikes.

Two words.... frame geometry. With few exceptions, the seat tube on a small bike is rotated forward when making the bike smaller. This robs the rider of power and endurance. Greg Lemond had all his bikes custom made to a 72 seat tube. I rode a 76 Gios Itialian frame for many years and never improved. I discovered the geometry equasion no-one talks about. Bought an Orbea Lobular 100 with a 73.6 seat tube and my friends swore I was on EPO! I change back to the Gios and couldn't keep up, back to the Orbea and I was at the front. Years ago there was a study on the best size of a rider, it was 5'10", they didn't take frame geometry into account. Oh yeah, height doesn't matter, inseam does. You could be 6' with a 32 inch inseam, or 5'8" with a 34 inch inseam.
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Old 11-24-14, 07:28 PM
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Originally Posted by RainmanP View Post
To answer the other part of your question about why size is an issue in cycling, here is a quick answer.

Size matters

Wind resistance - a smaller rider offers smaller frontal area to the wind requiring less effort to move at the same speed as a larger rider. Overcoming air resistance is a big part of a cyclist's energy expense, hence drafting.

Weight - a lighter rider with a high power to weight ratio makes a great climber because he/she has less weight to lift up the hill.
Gravity - it's not just a good idea; it's the law.

Muscle mass - small muscles just can't develop as much absolute power as larger muscles. Note that none of the sprinters are lightweights.

Note that most male cyclists, with a few notable exceptions, tend to be smaller than the average population. If they are tall, like George Hincapie, they are still light for their height. Conversely, most female cyclists seem to be larger than average. Interestingly many of the better riders of both sexes tend to be in same general size range - 5'6"-5'9".
Well I guess at 5'6" I guess I will be at the lower end of the spectrum
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