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JaredMcDonley 08-02-02 05:06 PM

Hydration pack
Im wondering how many of you use a hydration pack and for what. When i first got mine about 2 years ago i loved it and now i still do. I take it on all my ride and every thing.

mascardr 08-02-02 05:12 PM

Well...I was wondering the same thing. I'm a rodie, but received a Camel Back for my bday recently. I don't see many roadies using them. Do manely mtn bikers use them?

JaredMcDonley 08-02-02 05:33 PM

At my local trail that is all they use. If you use a bottle it gunked up with mud(well thats why i use my camelback). But i have to say that i get some weird looks when im on my road bike and have it. It just works so much better than a bottle.


Scooby Snax 08-02-02 05:52 PM

I like my hydropack thingie!

it holds two lites of water, adn well... I drink like a fish!!
I can go through that much in an hour easily when its as hot as it has been.
it also holds a tube, levers and a multi tool better n a seat bag...

velocipedio 08-02-02 06:01 PM

I really don't like the Camelback for long road rides. It gets hot and heavy and it prevents the perspiration on my back from evaporating. Bottles are cheap and effective.

I do, however, use a Camelback on my cyclocross training rides. I don't have bottle cages on my 'cross bike, so I have to stow my water somewhere. My cross rides are never as long as my road rides.

Matadon 08-02-02 06:14 PM

I love my Camelbak, mainly because I can stuff lunch in there for longer rides, and because it does a great job of keeping the water relatively cool.

It holds a first aid kit, speed inflater, a Clif Shot or two, and the ever-important Towel.

aerobat 08-02-02 06:32 PM

I like the hydration pack on the road as well, as I can take much more than two bottles of water, it's more convenient to use, and keeps water cool longer when I half fill it with ice cubes at the start. And of course there's the carrying capacity for tools, food etc.

It is a little warmer and sweatier but I think the advantages outweigh that factor.

Chris L 08-02-02 06:49 PM

No hydration pack for me. Wearing one of those would be like wearing an extra jumper, and if I do that in Queensland, I'll fry all my organs.

Inkwolf 08-02-02 08:09 PM

I wear my Camebak mainly on long rides, or on very hot days.

vlad 08-02-02 08:30 PM

the wife bought me a 60 oz brand-x at wal-mart in May.

I use it on every ride. summers are warm in East Texas.

webist 08-03-02 10:26 AM

I use my Camelback whenever I am going to ride for more than an hour. Essentially that means all the time. Occasional trips to the store, af friends house within an hour or to a destination where I can easily refill the bottle are occasions for the bottle. Any other ride, I use the CB. Carries snacks, cell phone, wallet and much more if needed.


Maelstrom 08-03-02 10:49 AM

Since I only ride in mountains and rarely road work (even then I am still pushing a mtb) I would say it depends. If I am going for a quick 10K where I don't 'think' I will be doing any technical or strenuous climbs I won't bring it. If I plan for a day of intervals or just plain exploration of the mountain single tracks I bring one. Most of the trails around here climb forever and are really steep I made the mistake of not having one when I did one of the tougher trails. I almost passed out (SOOOO STUPID). Thi was a 2.5 hour VERY technical and difficult climb and then a 45 minute downhill.

So in short. It depends.

Raiyn 08-04-02 01:40 AM

I typically use my 100 oz Camelbak on longer rides or when mountain biking. The insulation keeps the water cool (60/40 ice / water mix an hour before hitting the trail) for about 6 hrs in the summer FL sun..

JaredMcDonley 08-04-02 09:13 PM

HEHEHE you live in Fl you know what i mean when i say that the bottle does not stay cool at all. Thats really the main reason that i got mine, but now i use it for every thing!


webist 08-05-02 11:57 AM

I've never experienced that "bottle taste" with a CB either. Course, I don't use it for anything but water and ice either. Flavored stuff always goes in the bottle.


Cdude 08-05-02 12:06 PM

Camelbacks seem more like a mtb thing. In mountain biking youj got singletrack. The trails are not easily predictable (if you don't know it). On the road it seems easier to use a water bottle, moutain biking it seems better to use a camelback. Its also easier to keep hydrated. Just keep sipping the water vs. gulping it with a water bottle.

Dutchy 08-05-02 06:49 PM

On long solo rides I always take the Camelback on my MTB, I remove the bladder to carry food and tools, two bottles on the bike and buy extra water along the way.
It is only a small "back" about 1.5litres/50oz, so I never notice it.



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