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pnj 08-02-02 07:54 PM

get in the Chat!
i'm there, why aren't you?

oxologic 08-02-02 08:30 PM

I'm there now, why isn't anyone there?

WorldIRC 08-02-02 09:01 PM

iwasnt paying attention to the chat.. now im there

JaredMcDonley 08-02-02 10:43 PM

When ever im in the chat, no one ever is *sigh*

oxologic 08-02-02 10:53 PM

I'm there right now!

KennethToronto 08-03-02 02:13 AM

I was there :D

but was away when people messaged me hehe.

JaredMcDonley 08-03-02 07:52 PM

Well im in there now is any one wants to chat

WorldIRC 08-03-02 08:21 PM

now im there

KleinMp99 08-04-02 10:59 AM

Enough with the damn chat threads.

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