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webist 08-03-02 10:47 AM

Unique LBS Names
How much originality went in to the name of your LBS?

We have two in our town.

M&M Cycling - Owners' initials. Not real imaginative.

Sun 'N' Spokes - Pretty cute for an LBS in a desert with 360 days of annual sunshine.

What kind of names have you seen?


aerobat 08-03-02 12:59 PM

We've got a local chain here called Olympia Ski & Cycle. Originally it was Olympic, the guy who started it up was an Olympian, but the Olympic Committee forced him to change the name.

f86sabjf 08-03-02 01:13 PM

we have one down here in orlando called Out-Spoken
Pretty good people and decent prices

naisme 08-03-02 01:41 PM

Freewheel, a bike "co-op" cute name, and about 5 dollars more than other LBSs.

Now Bike and Fitness, not sure where the name comes from.

Penn Cycle, I think the original store was on Penn Ave.

Erik's Bike, Erik started his career in his garage.

BoCoo Bikes, "Baue Coupe."

Flanders Bro.'s Bicycle shop, Not sure who the Flanders brother/brothers are, but there are a lot of trophies, old wool jerseys and great race bikes on the walls. I go there to dream and drool.

Grand Performance, yet another bicycle shop where I go to drool. It's on Grand Ave in St. Paul.

County Cycles, yet another, they have Bianchi Pesta on display.

Those are the ones I frequent.

Guillermo 08-03-02 03:14 PM

just about everywhere I go I encounter a "High Gear" or "Higher Gear". Seems like there are quite a few of those.

Maelstrom 08-03-02 03:15 PM


Those are three. We have probably 15 lbs's but those are the best with the best names.

MichaelW 08-03-02 03:26 PM

Cyclelogical in London is still going.
Their logo is the famous evolutionary progression from ape to modern upright man with one extra step.

Whippet* Cycles in Norwich is a great shop
* smaller version of greyhound.

Scooby Snax 08-03-02 03:37 PM

We have Dave... fix my bike

as the story goes, the Owner, Dave, well all his friends would get him to fix their bikes..
so he wanted this to stop, so Dave went into business...
I wonder if he gives freebies to his old pals?:confused:

John E 08-03-02 04:33 PM

The local Bianchi dealer is Leucadia Cyclery, located in my neighborhood, Leucadia, just south of Leucadia Bl. Since Leucadia was an isle of refuge in ancient Greek mythology, this is a reasonably cool name.

The local family-oriented LBS is El Camino Bike Shop, located along California's "The Road of Kings," El Camino Real.

I once worked at Kirk's Bikes, which was owned by a Randy Kirk. (Using one's own name was the cheapest way to register a sole proprietorship.)

A few less mundane names:

Our local race-oriented high end LBS is Nytro, a explosively catchy hame.

Long before it bought out and merged into, I worked at Bikecology, during the height of the early 1970s environmentalist movement.

The name, "CyclArt," pretty well describes the local (and widely known) custom bike painting and restoration enterprise.

In the early 1960s, Charlie Harding named his Los Angeles-based shop, "C. Harding's For Bikes." Just down the street was I & Joy Bagels ...

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