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Scooby Snax 08-03-02 03:58 PM

Cycling shorts...?
Hey, I have a question for you all.

In cycling shorts, do you ride commando, and why?

And no htere is no ulterior motive here...

scubagirl 08-03-02 04:04 PM

Yes, the chamois prevents chaffing.

velocipedio 08-03-02 04:05 PM

Skivvies get damp... skivvies bunch up... skivvies chafe. Trust me, after 150 km, you notice little things like that...

Ouch ! 08-03-02 04:15 PM

It has to be cycling shorts and nothing else.

The reason ............. no VPL:D

RegularGuy 08-04-02 06:32 AM

Cotton scanties under cycling shorts defeat the purpose of cycling shorts. On a bike, step-ins chafe and breed bacteria. They are an invitation to infected saddle sores. I know a young woman who actually had to pay a visit to the Emergency Room after 2 days of riding with panties under her shorts. The doctor told her "One more day like that and you'd have needed stitches."

Needless to say, nothing comes between me and my chamois.

wabbit 08-04-02 10:43 AM

Ewwwwwww! I have to admit, riding like Eve is better, but some people like those cycling undies that fit under your shorsts. It's an extra layer. I haven't tried it yet. I find this way is better.

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