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Nathan 03-06-01 06:59 AM

My Pashley Muni is on its way! I ordered it yesturday and can expect it in a few days. I'll let you know how it is.


gnein 03-06-01 10:35 AM

now that`s not fair, i only have a crappy no-name uni modified to a 26 inch.

ah well, someday, when i have money


btw: it'll probably take you a couple of days to get the hang of a 26" uni.......i had a 24" and when i went to 26" i say a huge difference.

but it's way more fun!!

Nathan 03-06-01 09:37 PM

Since the uni that I learned on was a 20", is the 26" Pashley going to be quite a bit harder to get used to? Also, can you "cruise" better with a bigger wheel?

gnein 03-12-01 06:21 AM

it`ll probably take you a couple of days to be able to ride like you could with the 20", but it does cruise. you`ll be a lot higher, so it`s a bit scaryier.

i guess the thoughest part to relearn is probably mounting the uni......but you `ll get used to it

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