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astr033 08-07-05 07:07 PM

Gauge doesn't seem to be working on Joe Blow floor pump
I'm a newbie so maybe it's just me. I bought a JoeBlow Sport Floor Pump off Nashbar. I've never had a bike before so I've never had to inflate bike tires. Well I've been riding for a week now on my new bicycle and decided that I should check the pressure. The recommended pressure is 60 - 80 PSI for my 700x35 tires (on a hybrid bike). The gauge doesn't seem to be registering. The needle goes up when I stroke some air in but then drops back down to around 0 (the gauge is in the locked position with no air coming out). After tinkering for a while (and letting a bunch of air out) I finally got a reading but it only got up to about 30-35 psi on the gauge when it wouldn't inflate any more without a struggle. Using my thumb it felt like it was good and full, but then again I don't have much experience. Do I need to calibrate the gauge or something? Also, what pressure should I inflate too? I'm just doing commuting along a bike path (13 miles roundtrip).

661 08-07-05 07:21 PM

There's nothing to calibrate. My Joe blow pro is very accurate. I know this b/c its been verified against other gauges. Sounds like you may have a defective one. Get yourself another tire gauge to set you mind at ease.

edp773 08-07-05 08:28 PM

Buying a tire gauge would be less expensinve than the shipping for returning the pump to Nashbar.
Try different tire pressures to find what you prefer. Use a lower pressure for a softer ride, and a higher pressure for less rollimg resistance. I prefer 60 lbs. on my hybrid.

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