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chigrl71 08-08-05 09:56 AM

Chamois Butt'r Emergency I remembered my bike, shoes, water bottles, shorts, even my computer today to go riding at lunch. Remembered everything except the Butt'r. Any "at home" remedies for me to get me through the day??

hmai18 08-08-05 10:50 AM

If it's only a lunchtime ride, you should be fine. I've ridden many long distances without any sort of chamois cream.

Guest 08-08-05 12:00 PM

If it's a short ride (less than an hour), I wouldn't worry about it. I only worry about lubin' up when I am doing the long rides.

I suppose if you are really worried, you could just get some lotion- a creme lotion, not a greasy vaseline.


lilHinault 08-08-05 01:10 PM

I've heard people say Body Glide, Bag Balm, work well. Those are in any drug store.

Longhorn 08-08-05 11:14 PM

I've used both Bag Balm and Vasoline and honestly can't tell the difference -- even when the ride is over.

jur 08-09-05 12:05 AM

I wonder about this business. I don't have anything, and wear my knicks only when going riding for the whole day. What is cream for?

recursive 08-09-05 07:38 AM

I did over a hundred miles on Sunday without any lotions or creams. You'll be fine.

ch0mb0 08-09-05 08:52 AM

I've heard that peanut butter mixed with hot sauce (to thin it out a little) works wonders ;)

Machka 08-10-05 12:02 AM

If you need some sort of cream to get you through a lunch-time ride, you desperately need to do one of the following:

-- get a bicycle that fits you
-- get a better saddle
-- get better shorts

You shouldn't need any creams on rides under 100 miles ... unless it is extremely hot or wet.

chigrl71 08-10-05 08:29 AM

It was 95 degrees out and 95% humidity, and it was a two hour lunch ride.

Longhorn 08-10-05 09:23 AM

It's possible that my shorts may have something to do about it but lubricant costs a lot less than new/better shorts and it works! :)

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