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Help! Do I fix up a gifted foldie or buy a used road bike?

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Help! Do I fix up a gifted foldie or buy a used road bike?

Old 04-19-24, 08:12 PM
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Originally Posted by OldTryGuy
r.e. bold -- Thanks for the info. SW FL here so 100 miles = 80 feet or less. Heading out right now for an evening of riding under a beautiful moon. If lucky maybe 50+ miles before I am done.
Yep, you won't need much low gearage. Ok you just described one of the many reasons why I hate visiting FL, in addition to the climate. (I grew up in flatland further north, now live between two mountain ranges, lots of trees, green, cooler temps in summer. Needing to brake on long descents eats up brake pads and rim sidewalls. When I was in flatlands, I barely touched the brakes and could get by with road racer gearing.) Most recently I had to go to FL in mid-summer, stepped out of the airport terminal building at 6:00 a.m. after a redeye flight, instantly hit a wall of heat and massive humidity, and again, early morning. Plus needing duck boots to walk around some coastal cities on sunny days, no rain before, just king tide permeating through the porous substrate. And real estate agents saying "Don't worry, nothing to see here, government has it handled." "How? What will they do?" "Oh I don't know details, but something." I can't find the article where I read this, a reporter going undercover as a potential buyer at a newly constructed expensive condo.

Fresh oranges are cheap. Some good deals on older cruising sailboats.

I'm glad you can get in a pleasant evening ride. I thought there's a big heat wave there right now?
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Old 04-19-24, 11:19 PM
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You will have no problem using the foldlie on the FIVE BORO TOUR on Sunday May 5th.


Hey, you probably weren't born yet, but there was a song back in the 1970's that went: "SLOW RIDE, TAKE IT EASY"

This type of "tour" is about as different from what the spandex road warriors who dream of the tour de france really like, as The Carpenters are from The Who.
Both were outstanding groups. Both had two of the best drummers to ever play drums anywhere on the planet.
There are fans who love both groups.

What this means is that you'll be on an Amazing Journey with 40,000 of your newest friends.
The Five Boro Ride is not gonna be I'm A Road Runner......Beep Beep......Get Outta My Way........because I've gotta have LIFE IN THE FAST LANE to keep with my usual STRAVA times...

Enjoy The Ride, AS THE FIVE BORO RIDE probably is the coolest ride on the planet....
This is definitely where YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE RIDING A FAST "ROAD BIKE".
You do want something with at least a few gears, unless you are otherwise an extremely accomplished rider who is incredibly fit(e.g.: like Chuck Norris or someone who has completed triathlons...)

Make damn certain to not take it too lightly. You need to both physically prepare as well as mentally prepare. Mental preparation cannot be overstated because there is no way to experience the Sea of Madness with that many thousands of old grandmas, grandpas, young, teen-agers on bicycles riding on streets that become a sort of the world's largest bicycle parade, at 8 to 11 miles per hour.
You need to get entirely familiar with the bike that you plan to ride. Stability and steering control and remaining alert is most important on the Five Boros Tour. SPEED is not.
Have fun. Soak it all in.
Expect an extremely long wait once you finish because there will be 20,000 + people that are trying to catch the same ferry, and/or get back to the same places.
It will be a long day. It will be a blast, if the weather cooperates.
If you don't already know, do learn to use your bicycle's gears to make it an Easy, Stress Free Ride........no need to work harder trying to go up any hill.......no need to try to haul ass because you really can't amongst the sea of madness around you because this definitely isn't like your bike shop's B-group weekly "paceline ride" at an 17mph average pace.
It is your once a year chance to ride in the Big Apple. It (5 Boros Tour) is probably the coolest bicycle ride on the planet.
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Old 04-20-24, 12:00 AM
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(above) At that speed, sounds like the Five Boro Tour will be A Three Hour Tour, A Three Hour Tour...

Make sure to bring your bamboo bicycle.
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