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~SPIKE~ 08-11-05 03:23 PM

General Riding Clothing questions
I don't really know where to post this question so I hope here is ok. I would appreciate any responses. I recently bought a hybrid bike and I have been riding it daily, but I don't have any biking shorts and I was wondering what I should get. I wanted something with some padding but since I'm not into road races or anything at this point I was wondering what is the best bang for the buck, or what is best for women riders. I plan on getting a road bike later this year and then just use the hybrid for transportation, but that is what I will be riding through the fall. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also should I get a pair of gloves?

aperkins 08-11-05 03:36 PM

For this newbie, the gloves made more of a difference than the padded shorts. Getting the seat adjusted right made more of a difference than the shorts, as well. But then, I am not doing long rides yet.

I'm a hybrid girl, too. :D

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