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[email protected] 08-11-05 03:33 PM

9V electronic horn from CycleAware, anyone familiar with it?
I don't exactly recall how but I came across a website with a review of a product called the CycleAware Bike Horn. I highlighted the (to me) interesting parts.


One innovative bike products company, CycleAware, has developed a "multi-signal electronic bicycle horn" that is powered by a nine-volt battery and emits your choice of a "friendly passing signal," an emergency siren, or a very loud blast. To my ears, however, this loudest squawk is a somewhat less blood-curdling blast than that produced by compressed-air horns. I like the quick-release handlebar mounting bracket and that it can be activated either by depressing the button on the horn itself or by a remote button on the grip (a feature shared by some other horns). This can be crucial when making an emergency stop, for it means you don't have to let go of your brake handle to hit the horn. The CycleAware "friendly" signal is, unfortunately, still not as friendly as a bell, but that's a price perhaps worth paying in order to have the louder-blast option at your fingertip.

This is how it looks like:

I've used the Airzound a while ago but stopped using it for a couple of reasons. It was quite a hassle to put in the cage/remove everytime I parked somewhere (didn't want it to get stolen), and it was almost impossible to instantly press the button because of the shifter/brakelever setup. The CycleAware horn sounds like everything the Airzound isn't or hasn't. It's compact, uses a low-cost, readily available battery, has three sound volumes, a quick-release mount AND has a remote switch! :) I'm very eager to buy it, but would like to hear some opinions first.

I posted this in the Commuting section but didn't get any reactions. Is anyone familiar with this thing?

[email protected] 08-14-05 04:36 AM

Oops, the URL should be


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