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TheRCF 08-11-05 10:54 PM

Bike computer with altitude
Since my Vetta has started acting up (regularly won't read the cadence) and may need the part the readout sits on replaced, I've been thinking of just getting something better.

While there are probably all kinds of things I'd like to have, at the top of my list would be an altimeter because I never have found out how high my hills are. Naturally I'd like it to be as accurate as possible. I believe there are some which calculate the grade for you, but when you get right down to it, I can do that on my home computer once I have measured the distance and have the altitude difference - in other words, no need to spend a LOT more money for that ability.

Less important items would be the ability to measure power as I ride and the ability to store multiple rides as well as the ability to download directly to a computer.

I've had someone tell me Polar has something that does altitude, cadence, heart rate stuff, plus the usual avg speed, present speed, odometer, trip mileage, time of day.

ANyway, I'm interested in any suggestions folks here may have.

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