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wompwomp 08-12-05 12:32 AM

Anyone here have any (hopefully financially modest) solution to the seemingly eternal problem of having glasses, but wanting sunglasses for those crazy bright days?

Specifically, brands that have maybe a few different lenses they could grind out for you, or maybe a clear set with over filters or something?

Thanks a bunch.

KingTermite 08-12-05 04:45 AM

I recent got these and LOVE them.
Wiley-x SG-1

They can be sunglasses or goggles and have interchangeable lenses. They say they support Rx lenses. I don't know how its done or the cost though.

Ironically, though, I have an eye appointment today and was planning to check with the opitcal area about what it takes and how much it costs to get the Rx lenses.

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