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Biker93 08-13-05 12:37 PM

Is the Tour of Spain being televised?
Does anyone know if the Tour of Spain is going to be televised in America? and if not will it be webcast?

Guest 08-13-05 04:51 PM

Some of the Telemundo stations televised it live last year. But you needed the expanded cable to get that one. :( I even called Telemundo last year to see if they'd have it on the Chicago, and they were, but our area of Chicago didn't have the expanded Telemundo channels on the digital lineup until November. Too late. :(


Wurm 08-13-05 05:10 PM

OLN isn't going to cover it?? HMPH! :mad:

Guest 08-13-05 05:19 PM

I think OLN will give a 2 hour wrap up or something.


Wurm 08-13-05 05:27 PM

Originally Posted by koffee brown
I think OLN will give a 2 hour wrap up or something.


Then they suck. But I guess we already knew that.

Guest 08-13-05 05:38 PM

Well, if Lance was riding, we'd get coverage every day. :( It's clear where OLN's interest is (though they do televise the classics). We'll wait until next March. I have faith they'll start up with the cycling coverage at that point.


Wurm 08-13-05 06:38 PM

Yeah - at least we got 10 good ones and the Giro this year...mostly WITHOUT Lance Armpit. 'Course, he wasn't supposed to drop out as soon as he did either...

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