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roadfix 08-13-05 06:32 PM

I did. It was a very pleasant 75 degree day with very little humidity in the LA area.....a few degrees below normal. I rode my fixed gear with a couple of my geared friends through So Pasadena into Irwindale and back at a leisurely pace this morning. Midway through the ride, the huge Montrose pack roared past us at their usual 30+mph pace. I always cringe hoping none of these guys rear ends into one of us as we're chucking along at only about half their speed...... Had some fish tacos at the end of the ride... .....Carne asada and some brew tonight.....:D

ovoleg 08-13-05 07:44 PM

yea the weather was AWESOME today. I went out at 7 and got back at 10. I had a good ride, no heat for once. It was a bit cold at 7 though, but the weather overall was awesome. I hope it holds up through tommorow. :D

Surferbruce 08-13-05 08:40 PM

damn i wanted to ride today, it was definitely one of those days. i'm getting over a wicked cold. going on vacation in two weeks and i always get sick 2 weeks before i go on vacation.
fixer it'd be cool to ride sometime. hell you inspired me to go miche supertype.

MasterSezFaster 08-14-05 07:29 AM

Did not see this yesterday.
It was nice out. Here is was 59f and cloudy ( I ride at 05:30) with no wind. Perfect riding weather. Did a short 33km ride but on the way back found a fun little dh that I hit 71.1kpm without pedaling :D. On the flat sections I was able to hold a 104 cadence which is up from 102, that was an improvment (I hate spinning but I need to work on it;) ).

No riding today, Sunday, for me though. I have a game tonight and my legs do not like when I do both on the same day :D .


ovoleg 08-14-05 09:44 AM

5:30??? Do you work?

It seems to me that there is more wind in the mornings, I hit a very nice headwind yesterday and started doing 13mph

ovoleg 08-14-05 10:30 AM

I heard it, but I was waiting for it :D

GP 08-14-05 02:04 PM


Originally Posted by ovoleg
5:30??? Do you work?

It seems to me that there is more wind in the mornings, I hit a very nice headwind yesterday and started doing 13mph

I love riding at 5 am. Everything feels clean and fresh.

On the coast, the wind usually blows offshore in the morning and switches onshore at about 10-11 am.

MasterSezFaster 08-14-05 02:19 PM


Originally Posted by ovoleg
5:30??? Do you work?

It seems to me that there is more wind in the mornings, I hit a very nice headwind yesterday and started doing 13mph

No wind at all here. The breeze starts to kick in around noon. I work from home so I can ride just about any time. 05:00hrs is my usuall ride time but I slept in yesterday. :D The air is much better since the smog sits lower in the valley areas at that time and a lot less traffic to deal with.


Originally Posted by The Fixer
By the way did any of you hear the shuttle's sonic boom the other day?

It was nice and loud here. It even blew the dog door open and rattled every thing in the home.


JavaMan 08-14-05 02:33 PM

Did not see this yesterday.

Rode a short (39 miles) easy ride with the Orange County Rebels. Weather was overcast and cool. Perfect riding weather!

We started in Irvine, had coffee at Monarch Beach, then headed back to Irvine.

Bike nut 08-14-05 06:28 PM

Up here in the High Desert I usually do my ride at about 5:00 am also due to no wind. Most days are pretty good. Today was good until...

my58vw 08-14-05 09:22 PM

I sat on my butt today... I am still in transistion period for another week, I will be back on the bike this week for a few shorter rides (less than 30 miles). I was a beautiful day though.

motomickey 08-14-05 10:00 PM

rode 40 yesterday and today-bitter sweet as I won't get to ride again to next month-business trip this week,followed by vacation w/family starting on Saturday. Sure was nice both days though........

Jaye 08-15-05 03:16 PM

I got in 21 miles on Saturday and 33 miles on Sunday, both of which were gorgeous mornings up here in the A.V. The wind is definatly much less in the am hours than it is in the evenings, plus like was mentioned earlier everything is crisp and clean, no cars out yet, just beautiful riding.

Those two days were also my first group rides, so it was a good experience all around.

Placid Casual 10-03-05 03:57 AM

I took my bike out to Not A Cornfield this afternoon. Coming up from the harbor area, and being a late riser, I had to throw the bike on the bus to get downtown, or else I never would have made it on time. Getting off the bus at Temple and Spring at around 5:00 PM, it was a short hop up Alameda to the south gate of the cornfield. I took a few spins around the dirt trail ringing the giant elongated field--one stretch fronting Spring Street, the other the railroad tracks along Broadway. Most of the corn is about seven or eight feet high at this point.

I should point out here that nobody gave me any crap for riding my bike right into the site or for scorching around within it. If nothing else, that's pretty glorious.

Having gotten an idea of the scope of the place, I followed a little trail to the "eye" of the cornfield, where there's a little pit dug out for people to sit in a circle, with a ringed firepit at the center. Sundays are drum circle days at Not A Cornfield, so there were about twenty people ringing the pit and drumming away (I could hear them as soon as I pulled into the site, and as I rode around the perimeter). I put the bike upside down on the dirt and settled in to listen to the drumming. Somebody's little girl--maybe eight, nine years old--was improvising cornfield-related lyrics in an astoundingly "adult" singing voice, with a bluesy inflection. It was the damndest thing I've heard in a while.

After the drums died out, around six o'clock, it was storytime. The sun was receding below the hills by now, the cornfield was bathed in a golden glow, and it was starting to get chilly, so one of the staff people threw some logs into the firepit, with ears of corn for kindling, and started up a campfire. Today's storyteller was--I'm not making this up--City Councilman Eduardo Reyes, who told stories about growing up in the area around the cornfield and clandestinely swimming in the LA River as a kid with his friends as a way to escape the gang violence at his middle school. As the sky darkened, the logs burned, and the embers glowed, Reyes turned from his youthful adventures in the LA River to his political career and his ideas for the LA River of today--parks, open space, and, interestingly, mixed-use and mixed-income housing. This perked up the ears of a few of us around the pit, and we ended up having an interesting discussion about gentrification and land use through the smoke and glow of the campfire. Really surreal, to be quizzing a city councilman about housing and land use, in the dark, around a campfire, in a temporary cornfield in the middle of an industrial wasteland between Chinatown and Chavez Ravine.

By the time the little group dispersed, it was just after 7:00 and almost completely dark, so I couldn't resist the impulse to go scorching through the tall corn again with my lights on. I figure everybody should tear @ss through a cornfield at night on a bicycle at least once in his or her life. This impulse having been satisfied, I pedaled back down Spring and Alameda, past a bustling Phillipe's and Olvera Street and a somewhat less bustling Union Station, right on Second Street and through super-bright Little Tokyo and that big old tunnel beneath Bunker Hill--extreme politeness from car drivers throughout, maybe because it's Sunday night--back up north on Beaudry past nothing much at all, left on Temple and over a few overpasses, up Glendale past Echo Park where a few holdouts were still fishing or hanging out on blankets around the lake, and eventually snaking northwest on Sunset, where an MTA bus driver actually slowed down to let me get into the lane in front of him. I don't think that's ever happened before.

Finally I hooked a right on Vermont and cruised up into Los Feliz, locking up to a parking meter outside Skylight Books. Well, not right outside--all the meters in front of the store were taken by other bikes! Why are there no proper bike racks in this neighborhood with a million zillion bike riders?

Bought a few books and went up the street to the Psychobabble coffeehouse to do some reading. I managed, through some ingenuity, to find a place to lock the bike in back of the coffeehouse among the twenty million other bikes also locked up to some random railing back there (hasn't anyone in Los Feliz heard of ).this program?). Turns out I picked a lousy time to do any reading in that place--it was open mike night--but the people performing turned out to be so good, by and large, that I stuck around for awhile anyway.

Then I hauled @ss back downtown, threw the bike on another bus back to the harbor, hauled @ss from the bus stop back home, turned on the computer, and RESURRECTED THIS THREAD! GLORY, GLORY, HALLELULJAH!

So, how was your ride today?

Litespeed 10-03-05 07:28 AM

Saturday went on a 33 mile group ride for Octoberfest. On the way there the ride leader said we would take a different route this year to get there. Well it turned out to be a pretty steep hill, never been on it before, but I got to the top before anyone else, that made me feel good. Sunday, my husband & I just rode around our local area doing 30 miles, glad he called me to join him, otherwise I probably wouldn't have gone out. The weather on Saturday was a little warm--got up to 95, but Saturday cooled down to 85. Beautiful weekend, hope it's like that next weekend, when I have to lead a group ride.

Surferbruce 10-03-05 09:43 AM

sunday i did #2 of the urban cyclocross series. you'd be proud to know the men's elite winner was on a fixed gear. absolutely amazing.
the men's c race had over 40 people, a massive field, and once again in 35 minutes i was pushed beyond the max. super hard course, seemed uphill the whole way. nothing liked getting lapped by a 12 year old...

EricDJ 11-19-05 06:49 PM

I did 30 miles yesterday and 20 today. When the wife heads off to bed, will sneak off for 20 more. Weather has been great. Even been getting to see stars while riding after midnight.

trayer350 11-19-05 07:09 PM

Nice day, 87 degrees. Fresno versus USC should be a great game, I suspect, without having any evidence to support that supposition.

trayer350 11-19-05 07:15 PM


Originally Posted by The Fixer
You can see stars from L.A.? :p

I wouldn't be surprised if there are 20 million people in the Southern California area, now, and lots of lights at night. Even so, looking at Mars every night is incredible. If you haven't seen it, it is the gold ball visible before the moon. A few weeks ago, it was very, very close to earth.

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