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Hickabod 08-15-05 07:20 AM

Wrong-Turn may be putting it harshly.
This weekend I dragged out my local map and began making a cue sheet for a custom good time. There's a lake about twelve miles from home and I was hoping to go there, have a quick picnic brunch, and head for home.

As it turns out, I had made a wrong turn after about the second step of my cue sheet. :( I thought that I was familiar with the area, but it turns out that I was familiar with the busier roads I had driven on and wanted no part of those. So I kept going figuring I'd run into something that looked familiar, sooner or later.

Several miles later I see water, but I'm on a different side of the lake than earlier planned. Not wanting to turn around (that sort of stuff is for quitters) I kept going, figuring I'd just ride around the lake. It's no great lake, but it sure added a lot more miles that I wasn't counting on.

I finally made it to the lake's public landing and had my brunch; it was delicious. After eating, I started making my way home. The heat was rising and I had developed a slow leak. I opted to wait until I got home to fix the leak and luckily made it home with just a couple of refills.

After getting home and tracing where I had gone, I realized that I had pretty much taken the route that I was hoping to work my way up to. So much for testing the waters. I was hoping to go a little further, but the heat and leak persuaded me to go home.

Still, by the time it was all said and done, I put in 40 miles with an AVG SPD of 15.7 (my personal best :) ). I hope my next wrong turn turns out to be as rewarding.

BJ Ondo 08-15-05 07:41 AM

LOL, sounds like a great ride, I've always found that the "best" rides I've been on, weither on bicycle or motorcycle have been the one's where I got "lost" and had to wonder around to find my way back home! :D

KingTermite 08-15-05 09:38 AM

Nothing like being out really far so you are "forced" to ride to get back home. Sounds like a great ride. Congrats!!

40 is milestone I'm trying to work to myself. ;)

roadfix 08-15-05 09:51 AM

Good thing you didn't get kidnapped and eaten by a couple of mutant brothers.....(anyone see that flick?)

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