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kuan 08-15-05 08:52 AM

Chainstay protector?
Any idea what I can do to protect the chainstay and work around the braze-on when the shifter cable is routed along the chainstay?

dobber 08-15-05 09:15 AM

I've employed electrical tape. Does the trick, comes in a variety of colors.

operator 08-15-05 11:15 AM

Get some 3m carbon sticky and wrap it around your chainstay.

kuan 08-16-05 11:42 AM

Just answering my own question. I got static cling vinyl at Dick Blick Art Supply. Works real well, err, so far. :)

Cyclepath 08-16-05 05:55 PM

I use cloth bar tape, it's rugged.

khuon 08-16-05 06:07 PM

I just use a Lizard Skins chainstay protector. It works pretty well and doesn't bind the cables.

kuan 08-16-05 06:32 PM

Dura Ace, nice Khuon. :)

phantomcow2 08-16-05 09:19 PM

Go to the bottom of this page:
I promise that stuff will not ever wear. I have it in black, it looks nice and reasonably elegant. And i doubt it will fail in 2 centuries

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