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Marcy S 03-09-01 01:15 PM

I was just wondering if I was the only one disappointed with the Shimano Flight Deck computer?
I originally bought it, not only because my friend swore by the thing, but because I thought it was pretty cool that you can see which gear you were in... being that I just bought a road bike after riding a mountain bike for 11 years.
Some of the problems that I've encountered; not only do you lose your mileage when the battery dies, but you can't even input your 'lost' mileage (MAJOR flaw), only 24 HR time setting, the gear ratio popping up when you switch gears (which I don't understand, or care to anyway), and the display is NOT a great "at-of-glance" way to get your info. Instead you have to keep hitting the right hood button to toggle between screens, and to get your cadence, average, and maximum you have to keep the same right button pressed for a few seconds.
All this said, it is not easy when you are riding and really focused in front of you.
Does anyone else have these or similar problems with the Flight Deck?


LittleBigMan 03-09-01 01:44 PM


Well, no, I've never even seen one. But in general, though my computer is convenient for guaging my riding, I've
found that it's sometimes more of a distraction than anything else. If I look down to see how fast I'm going, I
start to slow down, and plus I don't like taking my eyes off the road like that. When I use it to check my mileage,
I find (since I commute by bike) that I already guessed about how far it was anyway. If I want to pay attention to
my riding (which is advisable in traffic), I just do that, and concentrate on how I feel on the bike.

Pete Clark

MikeC 03-14-01 12:03 PM

I agree with Marcy.
I like the concept of the Flight Deck because most of my training rides are at 6am and therefore alone. The cadence, speed, and other features are a good way to stay in touch with what you're doing. And the virtual cadence is great! I can't see any reason to clutter up a bike with an extra wire.
However, I've never failed to accidently reset the thing on any long ride, and it's really aggravating to be 70 miles into a century and suddenly see your mileage reads 6.7! I also don't like the lack of a backlight, as half of the year I'm riding in the dark.
I'm now using Campy stuff, and the Ergobrain 10 doesn't annoy me as much. It's too complicated and there's that extra cadence wire, but it has a nice backlight, the autostart system works well, and I've never accidentally reset it.

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